Volunteer Center

Dayspring Center

General Information

Address: 1537 Central Avenue 

Indianapolis, IN  46202

Contact Information

Name: Michelle Jackson

Email address: michelle@dayspringindy.org

Phone:  (317) 635-6780 x235

Website: www.dayspringindy.org

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Children, Affordable Housing/Homelessness, Hunger

Mission: Dayspring lovingly meets the basic needs of homeless families seeking assistance and connects them with opportunities to help them realize their potential; Every human being has the fundamental right to shelter, food and clothing. As members of one human family, each of us is called to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Based on these beliefs, the goals of the Dayspring Center are:

• To shelter, feed, clothe and assist the homeless, poor and needy people of metropolitan Indianapolis;

• To strive to preserve each individual's privacy, dignity and self-respect;

• To provide practical assistance to poor people with special needs;

• To change conditions contributing to homelessness;

• To help people connect with community resources in social, health, educational, housing and employment opportunities; and

• To work together with all faiths in our community to establish continuing financial and volunteer support.

Dayspring Center's services are available to all regardless of ethnic or cultural heritage, income, marital status, sexual orientation, health or creed.

Volunteer Opportunities: Front Desk Volunteer: The requirements for this Volunteer Opportunity are as follows. Have good communication skills on and off of the telephone. Take direction from Shelter Manager and Shift Supervisor. Be able to interact with a number of different people, take messages for staff members, to take inquires about shelter space and have knowledge of Dayspring and its staff. (1 person needed per shift)

Playroom Volunteer: This Volunteer opportunity is open to individuals, families, and Groups who have a love for children, it requires an abundance of patients and creativity. Volunteers will play with and interact with the children of the shelter. Must pass a Criminal Background and Reference Check. (Playroom is open 7 days a week 9am-8pm, for at least 2 hours.)

Does this agency offer internships? Yes

Is volunteer training required? Yes, for SOME opportunities

Is a background check required? Yes, for ALL opportunities

Does your agency offer internships? Yes

Facebook:  Dayspring Center