Volunteer Center

Conner Praire

General Information

Address: 13400 Allisonville Road

City: Fischers, IN 46038

Contact Information

Name: Jody Thomas

Email address: jthomas@connerprairie.org

Phone number: 317-214-4704

Website address: http://www.connerpraire.org/

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Arts, Children, Education

Mission: To inspire curiosity and foster learning about Indiana's past by providing engaging, individualized and unique experiences.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are a vital part of Conner Prairie's success as a groundbreaking institution. By donating your time and talent, you help Conner Prairie build toward an exciting future. Join in the fun and become a Conner Prairie volunteer! Meet new friends, experience a unique look at history and become part of the exceptional Conner Prairie experience. Shifts are available weekdays, weekends, and evenings. 

Is volunteer training required? No

Is a background check required? Yes, for SOME opportunities

Does your agency offer internships? Yes