Volunteer Center

Coburn Place Safe Haven

General Information

Address: 604 East 38th Streets

City: Indianapolis, IN 46205

Contact Information

Name: Kathy Morris

Email address: kathy@coburnplace.org

Phone number: 317-923-5750

Website address: http://www.coburnplace.org/

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Children; Domestic Violence; Homelessness; Women

Mission: Coburn Place empowers victims of intimate partner violence to live as survivors. The vision of Coburn Place is of a world where every adult and child may live free from intimate partner violence, housed stably and safely, with adequate financial resources.

Volunteer Opportunities:Volunteers are an essential component of the Coburn Place program. We need your help to tutor children, answer phones, plant flowers, decorate apartments, plan fundraising events and do much more. We have a wide range of opportunities for both individuals and groups to get involved. To check out a full list of current opportunities, please visit the volunteer page on our website at http://coburnplace.org/get-involved/volunteer/

Is volunteer training required? Yes, for ALL opportunities

Is a background check required? Yes, for ALL opportunities

Does your agency offer internships? Yes

Facebook: Coburn Place Volunteers