Volunteer Center

Coburn Place Safe Haven

General Information

Address: 604 E. 38th Street.

                   Indianapolis, IN 46205

Contact Information

Name: Kathy Morris

Email:  kathy@coburnplace.org

Phone:  (317) 923 5750

Website:  www.coburnplace.org

Volunteer Information

Categorical Listing:  Children

Mission:  Coburn Place empowers victims of intimate partner violence to live as survivors. The vision of Coburn Place is of a world where every adult and child may live free from intimate partner violence, housed stably and safely, with adequate financial resources.

Volunteer Opportunities: Contact Kathy Morris for volunteer opportunities

Is volunteer training required?  Yes, for SOME opportunities

Is a background check required?  Yes, for SOME opportunities

Does your agency offer internships?  No

Facebook? www.facebook.com/coburnplace