Volunteer Center

CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions

General Information

Address: 4755 Kingsway Drive Suite 200

City: Indianapolis, IN 46205

Contact Information

Name: Dan Amonett 

Email address: damonett@cicoa.org

Phone number: 317-803-6003

Website address: http://www.cicoa.org/

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Abilities, Elderly, Health

Mission: CICOA Aging & In-Home Sollutions empowers older adults, those of any age with a disability and family caregivers to achieve the greatest possible independence, dignity and quality of life.

Volunteer Opportunities: On-going opportunities such as friendly visiting, housekeeping and handyman help as well as seasonal group projects such as leaf-raking, etc.

Does this agency offer internships? Yes

Is volunteer training required? Yes, for SOME opportunities

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CICOA-Aging-In-Home-Solutions/170864480639