Volunteer Center

Brook's Place for Grieving Young People

General Information

Address: 50 East 91st Street, Suite 103

City: Indianapolis

State: Indiana

Zip: 46240

Contact Information

Name: Jill Pierce

Email address: jillpierce@brookesplace.org

Phone number: 317-705-9650

Website address: http://www.brookesplace.org/

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Children

Mission: Brooke's Place is a nonprofit organization providing support and services to grieving children and families in the belief that hope for tomorrow begins today.

Volunteer Opportunities:  Facilitators provide a safe and supportive environment for children, ages 3-20+ years old, and adults to grieve the way they need to grieve. Listen to and validate the feelings, thoughts, and words that are shared during the support groups and letting the participants lead you through their grief journey. NO COUNSELING background is required, just a love for kids!

Being a Buddy often includes more behind-the-scenes effort and less direct contact with families. Buddies help set the atmosphere for our program by providing assistance to participants throughout the evening. Duties include preparing rooms for evening activities, greeting families as they arrive, set up/clean up for dinner, serving pizza & drinks, setting up the lending-library, assisting facilitators with obtaining supplies, and helping with clean-up after program night activities. Buddies volunteer twice a month on Wednesday or Thursday evenings from 5:00 to 8:30.

Is volunteer training required? 

Yes, for SOME opportunities

Is a background check required? 

Yes, for ALL opportunities 

Does your agency offer internships? 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brookesplace