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Big Car Service Center

Agency Information

Address: 3819 Lafayette Rd.

Lafayette Square Mall

Indianapolis, IN 46254

Contact Information

Name: Anne Laker

Email: anne@bigcar.org

Phone: (317) 347-0238

Website address: www.bigcar.org

Volunteer Information

Categorical Listing: Arts, Neighborhood, Community Garden

Mission: Service Center engages visitors of all ages and backgrounds in creativity as a way to build community, provide education and enrich lives -- and to transform a vacant building in support of the 40-year-old Lafayette Square Mall (which is donating the building) and the surrounding commercial and residential areas.

Description: Service Center is a community art center designed to spark real change in an area of Indianapolis poised for amazing improvement. Through creative approaches, Service Center addresses many of the issues facing Indianapolis: education, mass transit, art and culture, diversity, libraries, urban gardening, recycling, and economic development.

At Service Center, we:

• celebrate the ethnic variety of the neighborhood, engage adults and kids in collaborative art exhibitions created by and about them • grow a large neighborhood garden (the first in the city on top of a parking lot) • host exhibitions by local and national artists • offer educational programs in art, performance, and creative writing • provide a small library, meeting area, and computer lab with Internet access • facilitate a neighborhood market

Volunteer opportunities: We have several volunteer opportunities to work in the community garden assisting with planting, weeding and harvesting. You'll also have the opportunity to assist with upgrading the garden by building benches, painting murals and other artistic activities.

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