Volunteer Center

Auntie Mame's Child Development Center, Inc.

General Information

Address: 3120 North Emerson Avenue

City: Indianapolis, IN 46218

Contact Information

Name: Miller Na'Shaunee 

Email address: nmiller@amcdc.org

Phone number: 317-547-3551

Website address: www.auntiemames.org

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Children

Mission: To provide high quality culturally responsive early education and school age programs that equip children to become engaged learners, strong leaders, and successful adults.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer Opportunities are based on your availability. We can work around your schedule.

•Read books to children
•Assist with providing various age appropriate activities
•Provide homework help (tutoring)
•Mentor children in school age program

•Answering phones
•Toy checks
•Data Entry
•Board of Directors

•Classroom decorations
•Touch up painting
•Assist with set up/tear down for special events

Does this agency offer internships?  Yes

Does this agency require volunteer training? Yes, for SOME opportunities.

Does this agency require a background check?  Yes, for SOME opportunities.