Volunteer Center

American Lung Association

General Information

Address: 115 West Washington Street, Suite 1180 South

Indianapolis, IN  46268

Contact Information

Name: Whitney Webb

Email address: whitney.webb@lung.org

Phone number: 317-819-1181

Website address: http://www.lungin.org

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Health

Mission: Our goal is to prevent lung disease and promote lung health through research, education and advocacy.

Volunteer Opportunities: Fight For Air Climb, Healthy Lung Expo, Lung Force Walk, Evening of Promise Gala

Does this agency offer internships?

Yes, unpaid positions are available.

When does this agency need volunteers?

This varies by position, but volunteers are needed for roughly 10 hours each month.

Does this agency require volunteer training?

No, only on specific occasions.

Does this agency require a background check?