Volunteer Center

Alzheimer's Association

General Information

Address: 50 East 91st Street, Suite 100

City: Indianapolis, IN 46240

Contact Information

Name: Amanda Janz

Email address: amanda.janz@alz.org

Phone number: 317-575-9620

Website address: http://www.alz.org/indiana

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Health, Elderly

Mission: To eliminate Alzheimer's Disease through the advancement of research and to enhance care and support for affected individuals, families, and caregivers.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are needed in any of the following areas: 1) helpline, 2) public policy, 3) health fairs, 4) standing committees, 5) event committees, 6) speakers bureau, 7) support group facilitators, 8) and general office volunteer. For more information on any of these positions, feel free to check out our website or email our contact.

Does this agency offer internships?


When does this agency need volunteers?

This varies by the given position. Our website or our contact should be able to fill you in on specifics.

Distance from Butler:

Distance: 7 miles

Time: 12 minutes

Does this agency require volunteer training?

Training is necessary for specific tasks, but not for all volunteer opportunities.