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Volunteer Center Openings

Thank you for your interest in working at the Volunteer Center!  The Volunteer Center is a great place to serve the Butler and Indianapolis communities.  The Volunteer Center is dedicated to connecting students, faculty, and staff to the local community through service, volunteerism, and civic engagement opportunities.  Through popular programs, such as Bulldogs into the Streets and the Volunteer Opportunities Fair, our staff strives to be a resource for the entire Butler community.  

As you can imagine, we are seeking students with a passion for service, first and foremost.  Other qualities we desire in a staff member include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Willingness and enthusiasm to help others
  • Openness to new ideas, structures, and people
  • Willingness to challenge ones' self
  • Ability to be dedicated to the Volunteer Center's mission and objectives (located at www.butler.edu/volunteer)

 Some of the benefits of working in the Volunteer Center include:

  • Gaining transferable skills for future job experiences
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise with others
  • Making an impact on students and other community members
  • Learning and developing job, interpersonal, and leadership skills
  • Developing career contacts and networks
  • Obtaining meaningful part-time employment; staff members receiving a base pay of $8.00/hour

The timeline for the application process is as follows:

Applications Available



Monday, October 27th


Applications Due

Friday, November 7th at noon

Interviews Held


November 17th-20th

*Note: We may not be able to offer an interview to every applicant


Applicants Notified

Monday, November 24th


Questions may be directed to Jen Agnew, at (317) 940-9690, or at jagnew@butler.edu or contact Katelyn Sussli, at (317)-940-6006, or at ksussli@butler.edu.

Volunteer Center Job Descriptions

Web Developer

  • General development/up-keep of the Volunteer Center web page
  • Responsible for posting all projects on the Volunteer Center web page
  • Responsible for posting all forms and information packets on the web page
  • Maintain on-line service calendar (Volunteer Center events, all campus events, national days/weeks of recognition, etc.)
  • Support maintenance of database
  • Creates inforgraphics for events and service projects sponsored by the Volunteer Center

General Responsibilities of Volunteer Center Staff

  • All staff are responsible for assisting walk-in volunteers, inquires and calls during office hours
  • All staff are responsible for the general up-keep/cleanliness of the Volunteer Center
  • All staff are responsible for working seven (7) to ten (10) hours per week at the Volunteer Center
  • All staff are responsible for planning and carrying out at least one service project during the year
  • All staff are responsible for maintaining the Volunteer Center e-mail account (volunteer@butler.edu)
  • Staff are expected to be open, helpful, friendly, and communicative at all times and respect the judgment of other staff members concerning their duties within their given positions
  • All staff are to attend staff training, retreats, weekly staff meeting, and monthly individual meeting
  • Staff are expected to support all other Volunteer Center staff in publicity/promotion of events and projects

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