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We are excited to have so many guests from outside of Indiana. We are working hard to try to find possible hotel accommodations for you. 

An option near campus is the Indy Hostel. They've sent us the following information: the Indy Hostel is just down the road from Butler, on a nice day it is about a 30 minute walk. On a weekday our dorm beds are $29 and $32 on weekends. We also have private rooms with a shared bathroom that start at $58 and $61 for 2 people. We are willing to shuttle people to Butler and have free parking here for anyone that may have their own vehicle.  

As for amenities, we do have free Wifi and Coffee. Also a full kitchen with refrigerators, oven, stove and cooking utensils. Bike rentals, shuttle service to the airport and a living room/ lounge area. On April 11th we will be able to shuttle your guest to Butler and if more come in we would be happy to store luggage if necessary. Please feel free to call me with any more questions. If you are interested in this option, please contact them. We cannot guarantee availability. If you do need help seeking out accommodations, please feel free to contact us at We look forward to having you in Indianapolis! We will post more hotel information here in the near future.