Jordan College of the Arts
Department of Theatre

Blood Wedding

by Federico Garcia Lorca

October, 2002


Translated by James Graham-Luján and Richard L. O'Connel
Directed and Choreographed by Norman Walker
Scenic/Lighting Design - Madeleine Sobota
Costume Design - Kaleb Loosbrock
Composer - Jason Palamara
Vocal Coach/Musical Asst - Lori Smith
Stage Manager - Hepsey Shipman
Asst Stage Manager - Katie Burk


The Beggar Woman - Kaytie Morris
The Mother - Tyler Monroe
The Bridegroom - Jason Ober
The Neighbor Woman - Lyndsey Kramer
Leonardo's Wife - Lauren Greenwood
The Mother-In-Law - Margaret Murray
Leonardo - Andrew Ahrens
Leonardo's Alter Ego - David Ingram
The Young Girl - Elaine Oakley
The Servant - Nicole Cormaci
The Father - Jeff McGregor
The Bride - Cara Olansky
The Bride's Alter Ego - Jaclyn Virgin
First Young Woman - Meagan Hoffert
Second Young Woman - Caroline Stine
First Young Man - Joe Doyel
Second Young Man - Jim Senti
Third Young Man - Michael Kennedy
Fourth Young Man - David Ingram
The Moon - Michael Bachman