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Musical Theatre

Lunar Revolution

Many of our Butler Theatre students have made their journey to Theatre via Musical Theatre and would like to continue their training while at Butler.

Is this possible? Yes!

Can Theatre majors study voice?

Butler Theatre majors may study singing either privately or in group classes every semester while at Butler.

Musical Theatre

Our fabulous Butler School of Music colleagues have made possible a variety of options for Theatre majors to train as singers.

And what about dance classes?

Butler boasts one of the nation's finest Departments of Dance.

Butler Theatre majors are welcome to take non-majors dance classes every semester they are on campus.


Does the Butler Department of Theatre do musicals? won't find us doing Oklahoma! but we love to incorporate singing, live music, dance, and innovative physical movement into a majority of our productions. We love devising new work, reinventing the classics, and producing new plays. Many of our productions contain some of the most stunning movement and vocalizations around. Check out our Musical Theatre Butler Theatre style video.

At Butler Theatre, we push the boundaries of theatre...and our innovative voice and movement work is at the foundation of our unique productions.

We invite prospective students to come to our productions anytime.

Contact LaKisha Cooper at for complimentary tickets.