Jordan College of the Arts
Department of Theatre

Bhasi Pulingara


Bhasi is a professional Kathakali actor based in Kerala, India. In the early years he first had training in Bharathanatyam and Mohiniyattam. From 1979-1986 he had intensive training in Kathakali under the great teacher and performer or Kathakali the late Keezhmadam Kumaran nair and his students in the Gandhi Seva Sadanam, Kathakali Academy of Kerala.

He has been performing Kathakali since his training and is not recognized as one of the top actors of his generation. He has performed all over India and also conducted many workshops. Since 1990 he has performed Kathakali at various festivals in Singapore, Edinburg, Portugal, London, Berlin, Munich, Bremen, Switzerland, Hungary, Japan, and South Korea. He performed King Lear Kathakali at the Glove in London in 1999. He worked as an actor-dancer in various productions of Annette Leday of Paris, and toured many countries.