Jordan College of the Arts
Department of Theatre

Kunju Vasudevan

KunjuKunju Vasudevan is an expert on the rich performing arts tradition of his native Keral, India. Hailing from a family steeped in centuries-old traditions of Indian performing arts, Kunju has served as a producer, actor, director, drummer, filmmaker, and teacher of a wide variety of performing arts forms. Kunju has organized numerous tours of Keral arts to destinations such as Singapore, Berlin, Lisbon, Budapest, Paris, Zurich, and London. Kunju has also served as directed, performer, drummer and workshop leader for many of the tours. Notable international productions he was involved in include the acclaimed "Kathakali King Lear" of Annette Leday and David McRuvie at the London Globe, a tour of Kerala's Sama Veda chanters to Wales and Polan, and a production of the Sanskrit farce, "Bhagavadajjukam," for which Kunju served as director and played the clown role. Kunju has worked in feature films, films for television, and valuable documentaries detailing Indian traditions. Kunju worked extensively with noted theatre historian, Phillip Zarralli, serving as research assistant for Zarrilli whose publications on Indian performing arts are standard texts in the field. Kunju has taught courses in appreciation of Kathakali dance-drama and other Kerala performance traditions.