Jordan College of the Arts
Department of Theatre

Elaina Artemiev ~ Associate Professor

(317) 940-6238

Why I love Theatre:

For an extension of life, for a joy of experiencing connection with people

Why I love Butler:    

It is a great team, a family of people passionate for art who allow themselves to search for a new way of theatrical expression without fear of mistakes

Why I love teaching:

I believe that rejuvenation of Theatre starts in a college. I love the energy and inspiration that students bring to me.

Current Projects:

  • Guiding postgraduate students in their education at Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, Moscow (GITIS) Fall 2013
  • "The Two Maples", fairytales by Evgeny Shvarts. Artsfest - Butler University. April 2014
  • Intensive Acting Summer Program at Moscow Art Theatre School (MXAT). Summer 2014
  • New postgraduate program in Acting, Directing and Design at GITIS. Fall 2014


Professor Artemiev graduated from Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) with MFA in Directing. Later she completed Ph.D. at the same institution. She is one of disciples of Maria Knable who was a distinguished Russian Theatre director and the student of Stanislavsky and Michael Chekhov. Elaina was a founding member of the Tabakov Studio Theatre in Moscow, where she worked for many years before starting a teaching career at the Moscow Art Theatre School (MATS). Many of her students achieved national and international acclaim in Theatre, TV and Movie industries. She moved to the United States and joined Butler University Faculty in 2005. 

Her directing credits at Butler include "The Marriage" by N. Gogol, "Balzaminov's Wedding" by N. Ostrovsky, "The Cherry Orchard" by A. Chekhov, "Two Noble Kinsman" and "The Twelfth Night" by W. Shakespeare, "The Love of Don Perlimplin and Belissa in the Garden" by F.G. Lorca and others.

Elaina founded the Butler International Theatre Exchange Program and has developed a system to training that incorporates Michael Chekhov's Method, Vakhtangov Research and Stanislavsky System. This unique course is aimed at developing an awakening of actor's imagination, stage awareness and creativity. 

She took a year of sabbatical (Fall 2012 and Spring of 2013) during which she organized not for profit company International Foundation for Theatre Education and Research (IFTER). She also developed a brand new program for postgraduate students in Acting and Directing at GITIS with training in acting, directing, voice, movement, dance and Russian language. She arranged for her former student to successfully teach classes at Butler during her absence in Fall 2012.