Jordan College of the Arts
Department of Theatre

Dr. Owen Schaub ~ Professor


Why I Love Theatre:

I am not a performer. I have spent my career "behind the scenes." Nevertheless, the creative energy generated by a fine performance constantly reinvigorates my passion to be involved in an art form that entertains and enhances the lives of an audience. What I do as a theatre artist is never "applauded" in the way actors are. Yet when I work on a production the applause freely given to the performers is as precious to me as it is to anyone on stage.

Why I Love Butler:

One year I was asked to address the incoming class and their parents. Among other things, I told the group that I was very happy at Butler and felt fortunate to have a place here. Later at a luncheon a father sat down next to me and asked why I liked Butler so much. I told him, very simply, that at Butler one is given the freedom to explore and become what you want to be. No judgments are made about your desires and ambitions. After more than 30 years at Butler I know that this is still so. Whether a faculty member, on the staff, or a student, the individual is freely encouraged to pursue one's interests and passions.

Why I Love Teaching:

After four decades in this profession I firmly retain my belief that teaching is the most important, and challenging, career one can choose. Helping young people to grow personally and professionally is an opportunity not to be taken lightly as well as one to be cherished. I am continually astonished, challenged, and rewarded by what our students accomplish.

Current Projects:

Participant in the Department of Theatre's New Play Readings project, both as a director and a reader. Also developing a production concept and staging for Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale that will be part of this year's ArtsFest in the Howard L. Schrott Center for the Arts.


After 10 years of teaching at other institutions, Dr. Schaub came to Butler in 1980 as Chairman of the Department of Theatre and scenic/lighting designer. During his years at Butler he has taught a wide variety of theatre courses, from design, lighting, and stagecraft to theatre history, play analysis, and dramatic literature. Beyond his theatre courses he taught for many years in the University's core curriculum as well as in the University Honors Program. Since 1989 Dr. Schaub has regularly directed departmental main stage productions. He graduated from Hofstra University with a B.A. in Theatre Arts. He earned an M.A. in Theatre from Indiana University and his Ph.D. from Kent State University.