College of Education

The Cohort

Purpose of the Cohort

METL4Every graduate student who enters the METL program participates in a cohort group. The first meeting of this group is an intense six credit hour experience that takes place during the month of June. The cohort experience is designed to immerse students in learning about educational research and related areas of educational thought. We consider such questions as: What is knowledge? How do we go about 'knowing'? How do people learn? What are the purposes, methods and ethical dilemmas of educational inquiry? The cohort experience is designed to build community, think collectively and develop relationships among students and faculty.

Schedule of 2015 Summer Cohort Classes

June 2 (Tuesday)- June 18 (Thursday) - T, W, Th from 4:30-9:30

June 6 (Saturday)  and June 13 (Saturday) - 8:30-4:30

Registering for the Cohort

Classes begin in Summer in May, but the cohort will not meet face to face until June.  When you register for the course, register for both ED 530 and ED 531. For help with registration email Dr. Brooke Kandel in Graduate Studies at