College of Education

Program of Study

All students are required to complete the CORE program and each student will also have an Individualized Program Plan. This plan is tailored to each student's needs and will be developed by students and their advisor.

Coursework and experiences in a student's plan are directed toward the culminating project, portfolio, and professional development plan that aligns with our METL goals.

Core 1 (6 credit hours)

ED 530 and ED 531 Foundations in Effective Teaching and Learning I & II (JUNE)
*These courses must be taken at the beginning of the program, during your first summer in METL.

Core 2 (6 credit hours)

Curriculum Theory ED 504 (FALL)
Problems, Issues and Trends in Education ED 569 (SPRING)

Core 3 (6 credit hours)

Teacher Research and Leadership in Education Part I ED 535 (FALL)
Teacher Research and Leadership in Education Part II ED 658 (SPRING)

Core 4 (3 credit hours)

ED 700 Culminating Thesis Project

Individualized Program Plan (15-18 credit hours)

15-18 hours in coursework that meets your professional goals and connects to your individualized plan of study. These courses may be taken at any point during your program.

A Minimum of 36 Total Credit hours is required

Transfer Credit

Students may transfer no more than 12 graduate credit hours from accredited colleges and universities with these stipulations:

  • The transfer courses cannot be older than seven years by the time the student would graduate from the Butler University Effective Teaching program.
  • The courses must be at the graduate level.
  • The courses must have been taken for a letter grade, and the grade must be an "A" or "B".
  • The assigned academic advisor and the graduate committee must approve the transfer of credit.
  • The student must complete the proper paperwork in collaboration with their academic advisor to transfer the credit.