Summer at Butler

Summer 2014 Registration and Tuition

Academic Calendar

The summer calendar is arranged in two six-week sessions. Within each six week session, there can be short session courses from one to five weeks in length. A course is placed in Summer One if it starts on or before June 20. A course is placed in Summer Two if it starts after June 20.

  • Finals will be set by the instructor and may be within the published class time, or on the Saturday following the end of the class.
  • Academic calendar drop/add/withdraw dates are calculated by determining the number of weeks a course meets. The calendar is the same for each summer session.
  • Registration for courses is open until the close of the drop/add period for each course.
Course Length Drop/add Last date to withdraw
One week 1st Class Meeting 3rd day of session
Two weeks 1st Class Meeting 6th day of session
Three weeks 1st Class Meeting 10th day of session
Four weeks 2nd Class Meeting 14th day of session
Five weeks 2nd Class Meeting 17th day of session
Six weeks 2nd Class Meeting 20th day of session

The summer schedule will be available in mid-December. 

Summer One: May 12-June 20 (unless otherwise noted)
Holiday: May 26 - No class
Grades due in registration and records by June 24, 10 a.m.

Summer Two: June 23-August 1 (unless otherwise noted)
Holiday: July 4 - No class
Grades due in registration and records by Aug. 5, 10 a.m.


Summer One registration and course changes:
Online through Friday, May 9

Summer Two registration and course changes:
Online through Friday, June 20

Tuition: Summer One and Summer Two

Please refer to the Office of Student Accounts website for tuition charges for the summer 2014 sessions, after March 15.

Contact the Office of Student Accounts for a refund schedule and to determine refund for courses dropped.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid to verify how your aid will be affected if dropping courses.

Note: The official drop date is the date the completed form is recorded in the Office of Registration and Records.

Non-degree and Visiting Students

Summer students who do not wish to pursue a degree but would like to enroll in undergraduate courses at Butler may register for summer classes through the Office of Registration and Records in person, or by email, mail or fax. No application or transcript is necessary.
Summer Guest Student Registration Form (PDF).

Please print the Summer Guest Student Registration Form, fill out the requested information, be sure to sign your name, and return it:
By fax: (317) 940-6539, or
In person at R&R at Jordan Hall 133, or
Scan the form and attach an image to an email to, or
By mail:
Registration and Records
Butler University
4600 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208

The Guest program is only available for Summer undergraduate classes. Transcripts from your current school are not required. We will accept registration requests up to the day before the class starts. A maximum of 18 hours may be taken on the undergraduate non-degree status.

Graduate Students

Graduate students must submit the non-degree application and official college transcript(s) indicating date bachelor's degree was awarded. Although graduate students may take an unlimited number of courses on a non-degree basis, a maximum of 12 non-degree hours may be applied toward the student's selected master's degree program.

Returning Students

Previously enrolled students who have not attended Butler for one or more semesters must file an Application for Renewed Enrollment with the Office of Registration and Records. Official transcripts of any work taken since last attending Butler University must be mailed to the Office of Registration and Records from the college attended.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

It is the policy and practice of Butler University to make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities; documentation is required. Students who have, or think they may have, a disability (psychiatric, attentional, learning, vision, hearing, physical, medical, etc.) are invited to contact Student Disability Services for a confidential discussion in Jordan Hall, Room 136 or by phone at (800) 368-6852, ext. 9308. Accommodation requests are individually considered on a case by case basis; please allow at least one week's advance notice. Otherwise, it cannot be guaranteed that the accommodation can be received on a timely basis.


All full- and part-time students must register vehicles with the Butler University Police Department. Visit Parking Services for additional information and the registration form. Parking maps are available at BUPD, 525 W. Hampton Dr. Parking fines should be paid at the Office of Student Accounts, Jordan Hall, Room 102.

Student Identification

All students may obtain their student identification cards from the BUPD Vehicle Registration Office, 525 W. Hampton Dr. Initial ID cards are free; replacement cards are $20. Replacement fees will be charged directly to the student's account.

Insufficient Enrollment

Whenever the enrollment in a course is deemed insufficient, the University reserves the right to withdraw that course. When small classes are continued, full payment of fees is required at the time of registration. In such cases, no refunds will be permitted.