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Butler SPS Chapter Information

Our Chapter firmly believes that a background in physics, whether large or small, can provide people with flexibility in their future decisions. To accomplish this goal, this Chapter mainly invites speakers to the campus to give lectures in their respective fields.

Important Information for Prospective Members:
Watch for signs to be posted in and around the Physics Department concerning when we will be having our meetings. Applications for membership in the national SPS are inside the physics lounge, GH228. For more information, contact one of the officers or the Physics Department.

Also, the SPS ByLaws are available now too. They are definitely worth reading.
SPS ByLaws (doc)

Goals of SPS

Increase awareness and bring information about the broad spectrum of physics to campus.
Hold regular meetings to discuss important issues.
Plan educational activities for all students.
Educate all students about the wonders and joys of the general field of physics.

Goals for the members of SPS:

Members of SPS should gain skills and knowledge concerning:
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Organization Procedures
  • Fields in Physics
Membership in the SPS chapter should result in a greater understanding of organizational procedures. Overall, all students should gain a better grasp of the many fields in physics.