The LEAD Program

Tomorrow's Traditions Start With Leadership

Ideas with purpose create a path to achieving lasting traditions. However, this path can be difficult to maneuver. Society’s unique personalities, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors create obstacles that can misdirect and challenge us during our journey to reach life’spersonal goals. Leadership is the compass that guides us down the path, through life’s challenges. Whether you choose to be a successful parent, a Fortune 500 CEO, a teacher or a star athlete, the ability to stick to your original ideas and purposes is a direct product of your leadership.

Because we recognize that leadership is an invaluable life skill, Sigma Nu has invested several million dollars to create a four-year, multiphase personal development program that establishes an atmosphere for our members to cultivate their ethical leadership skills. The program is called LEAD.

What is LEAD?

LEAD is an acronym for:

  • Leadership
  • Ethics
  • Achievement
  • Development

LEAD is the four-year leadership development program for Sigma Nu. Founded in 1989, the program began with an investment of over $10 million. Based on the premise that sound leadership is the principle of solid values, the goal of the LEAD program is to be an extension of Sigma Nu’s mission, to build hardworking, ethical leaders for society.

It is currently one of the most successful leadership development programs in the nation both in and outside of the Greek System. The program is divided into four phases designed to educate Sigma Nu brothers, beginning in the freshman year and continuing through the senior year. Brothers participate in workshops, experiential learning activities and group discussions about a variety of different topics.

The phases are broken into interactive sessions that allow brothers to learn through interaction. Sessions include team building, visionary leadership, problem solving, career planning, mock interviews and networking.

Phase 1 - Candidate Education

Embark on a process in which you will discover your own ethical fiber and critical thought process to perpetuate originality and self-reliance. This phase prepares newly installed candidates for initiation into the brotherhood and includes:

  • History of Fraternities
  • History of Sigma Nu
  • Leadership and Working in Groups
  • Project Management
  • Values
  • Ethics
  • Leadership: The Basics
  • Risk Reduction
  • Sigma Nu International Organization and Chapter Operations
  • Ritual: The End...The Beginning
  • Community Service
  • Time Management

Phase 2 - Sophomore Development

Build upon your leadership skills to focus on the management and operations of your chapter. The heart of Phase II is creating harmony between the individual and the Fraternity.

Phase 3 - Junior Development

Use this innovative, web-based, selfpaced “leadership-lab” approach to transfer what you have learned through your Fraternity experience to facilitate change on campus and in society, to solve problems, and to aid in the development of other student organizations.

Phase 4 - Senior Education

Take a journey through topics such as networking, salary negotiation, conflict resolution, and interviewing skills – all to build a competitive advantage for a successful transition beyond college. This phase internalizes life skills using a hallmark alumni mentor program.

All Chapter Education

This is a rotating program that brings all members together to discuss topics under three areas: Organizational Development, Personal Development, and Risk Reduction.