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Please read the following guidelines and requirements before applying for a Grant.  These are here to ensure that your organization's grant will be processed in a timely manner and have a better chance for approval.  Any questions can be directed to grants@butler.edu

Guidelines and Instructions

  • In order to apply for a grant, your organization must have been approved by the Student Government Association Executive Board, the Office of Programs for Leadership and Service Education (PuLSE), and by the Office of Student Affairs. New organizations must wait one month after their approval to be eligible to receive an SGA Grant.
  • Additionally, an organization must have an eligible, voting representative at weekly SGA Assembly meetings. Eligibility must also remain throughout the entirety of the semester in which an organization is awarded a grant. Failure to remain eligible in said semester will cause the funds to be retracted from the organization's account.
  • After submitting the Online Grant Application and the SGA Budget from, you will be contacted by a member of the Finance Board who will schedule the applicant for a presentation to the Grants Committee. The Grants Committee will meet on Thursdays at 7p.m. Failure to have a representative present to Grants Committee will postpone consideration and approval of the grant.
  • A complete budget of expenses and revenues must be included in the application.  The budget sheet for each grant type is found within the application form and must be completed and attached to the application before submission.
    • If the application is for a General Purpose Grant or a Club Sports Grant, include all expenses and revenues from the date of submission through the end of the academic year.
    • If the application is for an Event Grant, include only expenses and revenues specifically for the event.
    • If the application is for a REACH Grant, include all expenses and revenues related to supporting the REACH mission statement for a specific event.  The REACH mission statement can be found below in the REACH Grant section.
    • Grants are not retroactive , and therefore, a grant cannot be used for any expenses that have occurred prior to the application submission.
    • No student organization can profit from a grant, and therefore budgeted expenses must exceed revenues.
  • If awarded an Event Grant or a REACH Grant, organizations must complete the Accountability Form, which can be found in the application form, within one week of receiving the grant. If this form is not filled out turned into the PuLSE office within the allotted time frame, the grant will be retracted from the student organization.
    • If during the audit process by the accountability chair it is found that the funds are not used for intended purposes and/or copies of expenses, receipts, and invoices are not turned in, the SGA Grants Executive Board reserves the right to obtain a full refund of the allotted grant money.
  • If awarded an Organization Grant or a Club Sport Grant, organizations are subject to a random audit performed by the SGA Grants Executive Board to ensure funds were used for intended or approved purposes. If there are discrepancies or irregularities, it will be the responsibility and discretion of the executive board to decide on how to resolve the issue. If deemed necessary, the funds for particular line items or all funds can be revoked.
  • Organizations allotted grant money through SGA may not use those funds to provide:
    • Financial support for political programs, parties, individual political candidates, or direct lobbying efforts
    • Contributions for any private person, group, association, or business except for goods and services rendered to the organization
    • Payments of debts and expenditures incurred from any previous years or events
    • The purchase of alcohol
    • Anything contradictory to the Butler University Student Handbook Guidelines
    • An event or expense not occurring in the current academic year
  • Organizations may only receive one Club Sport, General Purpose or Event Grant per academic year. REACH Grants can be awarded in addition to the previously listed grants.
  • Grants are allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Club Sports Grants (non-competitive):

  • All above rules apply for Club Sports Grants.
  • There is a separate grant allocation set aside for registered club sports organizations only.
  • Club Sports Council (CSC) will communicate with the Finance Board to ensure compliance with the allocation guidelines and to approve that registered Club Sports organizations can receive grants.
  • A Club sports organization can apply for an Event Grant under the following stipulations:
    • A Club sports organization is applying for the Event Grant due to exceptional performance (i.e. tournaments, playoffs, qualifiers, etc.)
    • AND that the fund for Club Sports Grants has been completely depleted for the academic year.

REACH Grants:

In partnership with SGA, R.E.A.C.H. is committed to promoting diversity within race, spirituality, gender and sexual orientation in order to foster tolerance while cultivating an open-minded environment.  Through programming and campaigns, R.E.A.C.H. strives to educate Butler's community to appreciate and respect difference in others, while being a support system for diversity organization and a voice of justice for all students.

  •  All above rules apply for REACH Grants.
  • There is a separate grant allocation set aside for organizations that embody the REACH mission statement (above) in their events.
  • The REACH Board will communicate with the Finance Board to ensure compliance with the allocation guidelines and to approve that every REACH grant submission meets the REACH mission statement.  The REACH Board has full discretion to approve or deny a REACH application based on whether the event meets the REACH mission statement.

Award Guidelines*:  

grants table

*The Grants Committee has full discretion as to which organizations receive funding and the sum of funds awarded.

If there are any questions regarding these guidelines and requirements, please email  grants@butler.edu to schedule a meeting to address questions or concerns about the grants process.