Student Conduct

Possible Consequences for Violations of the Butler Student Alcohol Policy:

  • The University's response starts with a conversation with a conduct officer. (A conversation with Excise Police or a University police officer may have preceded the conduct meeting. Anyone cited or arrested for a violation of the law will also participate in the criminal adjudication process and be responsible to meet the requirements established by the courts in addition to what the University requires.)
  • A conduct file is created; it exists until one graduates... and longer in more serious cases where suspension or dismissal comes into play. Some graduate programs and prospective employers inquire if one has a conduct record and request the University to verify it contents. We only release conduct records with the student's written permission.
  • Parents may be notified for violations of the alcohol/drug policies. If circumstances warrant, this could be on a first offense.
  • Students on conduct probation, for whatever reason, may not participate in Greek recruitment or serve in campus leadership positions like Student Orientation Guide, Resident Assistant, etc.
  • Students risk losing priority housing options like the ability to preference an apartment setting during the housing lottery.
  • Students may be asked to reflect and write about their choices and how they support one's personal values and life goals.
  • Students could be assigned an online educational module or other research project.
  • Students might spend a early weekend morning participating in a structured campus or neighborhood clean up.
  • If a student seems to lack an understanding the affect of substances he/she would be assigned to take an alcohol/drug class.
  • If a student seems challenged with decision-making he/she could be assigned to "Take the Challenge," a four hour workshop led by Butler challenge education staff.
  • A referral for a mandated assessment with an alcohol/drug counselor might be required. A student would be held to the recommendations that result from an assessment.
  • COPHS students, student-athletes, and student employees risk having their dean/coach/campus employer notified about behaviors that are not in line with program standards and expectations.
  • Students may be dismissed from Butler temporarily, or if warranted, for good.

The Butler University Student Alcohol Policy can be found in the Student Handbook.