Student Conduct

How to Prepare for a Conduct Review at Butler University

These are steps you may wish to pursue as you prepare for your meeting with a conduct officer or board. Please refer to the 2012-13 Student Handbook for a comprehensive explanation of the hearing process and appeals procedures. Contact the Dean of Student Services (Atherton, 200) for further clarification and explanation.

Before Review:

  1. Review notice of review and charges.
  2. Meet with the Dean of Student Services to review the conduct process, alleged violations and hearing procedure, if desired or mandated.
  3. Notify your witnesses and arrange for an advisor as desired and appropriate.
  4. Prepare - gather evidence, talk with witnesses, prepare an opening statement, write out questions for witnesses, develop closing statement, prepare recommendation concerning sanctions (if found responsible).

During Conduct Review:

  1. Be on time and be prepared.
  2. State plea ("responsible" or "not responsible").
  3. Present opening statement.
  4. Question university's witnesses, if present.
  5. Question your witnesses, if present.
  6. Present closing statement.

After Review (if found responsible):

  1. Review notice of decision and recommended sanction.
  2. If you choose to appeal the decision, notify the Dean of Student Services, 200 Atherton Union, of your intent to appeal within 48 hours of notice of decision.
  3. Present written appeal to the Dean of Student Services within seven business days of notification of decision.
  4. Begin sanction if you do not appeal decision or if you have an unfavorable appeals decision.


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