Student Accounts

Withdrawal Policy


All withdrawals must be made through the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled. Nonattendance and/or nonpayment do not constitute a withdrawal from Butler University.


Please review the Fall 2014 Institutional Refund Schedule  and the Spring 2015 Institutional Refund Schedule  

For information regarding the Summer Institutional Tuition Refund Policy, please contact the Office of Student Accounts.

From the Student Handbook Change of Registration and Withdrawals

Any change in the schedule of a student such as adding a course, dropping a course or switching from grade to pass/fail or from credit to non-credit is initiated by the student conferring with the academic adviser. Upon obtaining the adviser's approval, the form must be turned in to the Office of Registration and Records. The effective date of the withdrawal is the date it is received and recorded by the Office of Registration and Records.

Except for dropping a course, changing to non-credit or changing a course to or from pass/fail, no changes of registration are permitted past the deadline published in the Schedule of Classes (ordinarily the end of the first week of the semester).

For each term, the Registrar publishes a deadline for withdrawing from a course with a grade of "W."

Prior to that date, a student may switch to non-credit or withdraw from a course without any academic penalty.

Following that date, no changes are permitted in a student's schedule. It is the student's responsibility to learn and observe the published deadlines.

Changes of registration in applied music require approval by the dean of the College of Fine Arts.

Complete Withdrawals

If for any reason it becomes necessary to withdraw completely from Butler, a student should confer at once with the dean of the appropriate college, who will initiate the complete withdrawal. The withdrawal form must be countersigned in the Office of Student Affairs and taken to the Office of Registration and Records before the withdrawal is official. If the student receives financial aid, it is imperative that they contact the Office of Financial Aid before withdrawal.

The instructors will appreciate being informed personally of the student withdrawal.

In the case of suspension, expulsion or other officially directed involuntary withdrawal past the deadline for withdrawals; instructors will report "W" or "F" reflecting the student standing on the date of the directed withdrawal.

Upon a complete withdrawal within the first four weeks of a semester, a partial refund of tuition will be made in accordance with the Fall 2014 Institutional Refund Schedule  and Spring 2015 Institutional Refund Schedule