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Refund Policy

There are two types of refunds.

1.  Refund of tuition charge.
When students withdraw at certain points during the semester, he/she receives a credit of the tuition cost for the courses dropped. If the student withdraws from the university,  a refund of tuition may be applied to the student account. See the  Fall 2014 Institutional Refund Schedule  and the Spring 2015 Institutional Refund Schedule.  Students who pay tuition via the monthly payment plan and who withdraw before the account is paid in full are NOT relieved from payment of the amount due and will be credited according to the refund schedule.

For information regarding the Institutional Tuition Refund Schedule(s) for summer courses, please contact the Office of Student Accounts directly at or (317) 940-9353.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the University's refund policies, if any disciplinary action results in the suspension or expulsion of a student from Butler University, housing or any activity, the University may refuse to refund, in whole or in part, the student's tuition, fees or room and board charges. The Office of Student Affairs handles any credits of room and board charges when withdrawal occurs during the semester. Students should direct any question regarding a room and/or board refund to the Office of Student Affairs.

2.  Refund request for credit balance(s) on account. 

The Office of Student Accounts will process refund checks for credit balances on students' accounts.  (If the credit balance on the student account is NOT due to federal Title IV funds, only two checks are processed per term.)  Most refund checks require the completion and submission of a Refund Request form. You may download the Student Account Refund Request Form (PDF) or you may stop by the Office of Student Accounts to pick up a form. You may also send a correspondence to the Office of Student Accounts and request that a refund check be issued. When submitting written correspondence, please be sure to include student's Butler ID number, the date of the request and the student's signature. 

Refund checks are issued after the last withdrawal date for a 100% tuition refund as indicated on the Institutional Refund Schedule (for fall and spring terms) and weekly thereafter while classes are in session.  Some exceptions apply.  Refund checks are NOT issued when school is not in session.

Are you anticipating a refund for fall 2014?  The first "round" of refund checks is scheduled to be available September 11, 2014, provided a Refund Request form has been submitted to the Office of Student Accounts (JH 102) by September 3, 2014, AND a credit balance is on the account at the time of review. 

Submit completed Refund Request forms to the Office of Student Accounts, Jordan Hall, Room 102, 4600 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46208 OR fax to (317) 940-3282.  After 9/20/14, to receive a refund on Fridays, completed forms must be received by the Office of Student Accounts the Tuesday prior and a credit balance must be on the account at the time of review.



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