Student Accounts


Fall and Spring Semesters

Students who register through the early registration process for the fall semester receive an E-Bill (electronic billing statement) mid-July for tuition & fees.  Room and board charges will be included for those who have submitted housing contracts to Residence Life prior to the July E-Bill.  Payment for the July E-Bill is due in full by the 5th of August unless the student is enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan. For the spring semester, early registered students receive an E-Bill mid-December which is due in full by the 5th of January unless the student is enrolled in the spring semester Monthly Payment Plan. Failure to pay the student account balance in full by the due date may result in the cancellation of classes.

Students who register during regular and/or late registration will be required to pay all charges in full by the due date indicated on their E-Bill. Students who are not enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan and have not paid the account balance due in full by the first day of each semester will be assessed a monthly finance charge of 1.5% (18% APR).

The University offers a Monthly Payment Plan for eligible students. To participate in plan, students are required to enroll in the plan by logging on to their account during designated enrollment dates only.  Information regarding specific dates for enrollment are made available in the Payment Plan section.  The Monthly Payment Plan allows students to divide semester tuition, fees, room and board, and miscellaneous charges into manageable monthly payments. The Monthly Payment Plan fee is $25.00 per semester for the 4 month plan. See Monthly Payment Plan for details. Please keep in mind that scheduled payment plan payments must be received in full by the due date indicated on the E-Bill to avoid late payment penalties.  

Financial aid funds (e.g. outside scholarships, loans, etc.) are NOT considered payment plan payments.  Pre-payments and financial aid funds are deducted from the total balance due and will reduce future payment plan amounts. 

Students with past due balances and/or poor payment histories with the University may have classes cancelled and will be denied participation in the Monthly Payment Plan.  All past due balances must be paid before a student will be permitted to enroll in a new semester.

Summer Terms

Electronic billing statements (E-Bills) are published the second Wednesday of every month. The balance is  due in full within the first five days of the month following the date the bill was published.  Due dates are indicated on the E-Bills.

The first E-Bill for Summer I is published the second Wednesday in May and due in full within the first 5 days of June.  (The due date is indicated on the May E-Bill.)

The first E-Bill for Summer II is published the second Wednesday in June and due in full within the first 5 days of July.  (The due date is indicated on the June E-Bill.)

There is not a payment plan available for charges incurred during the summer terms.

Tuition Refund Schedule

Contact the Office of Student Accounts at (317) 940-9353 [toll free (800) 368-6852 ext. 9353] or e-mail if you have questions regarding our Tuition Refund Schedule or specific information regarding the Summer Institutional Refund Policy.

Fall 2014 Institutional Refund Schedule  AND Spring 2015 Institutional Refund Schedule

NOTE:  Students who fail to attend class and/or pay their tuition, are not considered withdrawn from the course(s). Withdrawals must be made through the academic adviser or dean of the college in which the student is enrolled.

Prepaid Tuition Plan

The University provides a tuition prepayment plan which guarantees a fixed tuition rate for all prepaid semesters. The prepaid tuition rates are based on the first term in which the student participates in the prepaid program.  This program applies only to students enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree or pharmacy program.  The prepayment plan does not apply to graduate programs. You may download and print the  Prepaid Tuition Summary  for general information. Contact the Office of Student Accounts at (317) 940-9353 for more information.

Unpaid Items

A student who is past due in any debt to the University is not permitted to register in any school or college of the University and is not entitled to an official transcript, grade report or diploma from the Office of Registration and Records until the indebtedness has been paid. Any check (electronic or paper) presented to the University that fails to clear the bank, shall be subject to a $25 handling charge. If the check is for payment of a debt, it also will be considered as nonpayment. Students also may be held responsible for reasonable collections fees, attorney fees and court costs without relief of evaluation and appraisement law to collect outstanding balances.

Credit Balance Accounts

The Office of Student Accounts requires students to complete a Refund Request form to receive a refund check. However, if the credit on the account is due to a Federal Direct Loan or other Federal Title IV financial aid, the Office of Student Accounts will issue a check to the student without the written request. If the credit balance on the account is due to a Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), the refund check will be issued to the parent borrower and mailed to the address on file. Students, who do not want refunds issued automatically due to credit balances created by Federal Title IV funds, can provide written documentation to the Office of Student Accounts.

With the exception of PLUS refunds, checks are issued to students only.

Refund checks are not issued when school is not in session.

Outside Billing

The University will bill a third party for tuition, room and board, and miscellaneous fees provided:

  1. A voucher and/or written authorization is received by the Office of Student Accounts office prior to the beginning of each semester.
  2. Payment will be made on or before the first day of the semester.

The University will not bill any employer or third party who pays upon completion of the course(s). Any balance remaining unpaid on the first day of the semester, will be assessed a monthly finance charge of 1.5% (18% APR). If the third party will not pay the finance charge, the student will be responsible for payment.