Student Accounts

Holds and Delinquency

Unpaid Items

A student who is past due in any debt to the University will have a financial hold placed on his/her student account. The student is not permitted to register in any school or college of the University, is not entitled to an official transcript or grade report from the Office of Registration and Records and will not receive a diploma or be permitted to apply for readmission to Butler University until the balance is paid in full.

Any paper or electronic check presented to the University that fails to clear the bank is subject to a $25 returned check fee as well as a charge to the student's account for the amount of the check. If the check is for payment of a debt, it also will be considered as nonpayment.

Unpaid Tuition, Fees, Other Charges

If tuition and/or other charges post to the student's account AFTER the term ends and/or AFTER the monthly billing cycle, the student MUST satisfy the charges IN FULL before grade and/or transcript information will be released from the University.  (A Student Financials Hold All service indicator will be placed on the account until the balance is paid in full.  The indicator prevents the release of transcripts and schedule changes. )

Delinquent Bills

Students who have not met their financial obligations to the University are refused written grades and transcripts. Any former student with a past due balance will not be readmitted to Butler University.


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