College of Communication
Strategic Communication: PR & Advertising

Bachelor of Arts

Major in Strategic Communication


General Requirements

Course # Course Title         Hours
FYS 101 First Year Seminar 3
FYS 102 First Year Seminar 3
GHS 202-209 Global and Historical Studies (2 semesters - 3 credits per semester) 6
PWB 101 Physical Well Being (no substitutions)


Total ___________________________________________________________


University Core Areas of Inquiry

Course # Course Title         Hours
TI Texts & Ideas 3
PCA Perspectives in the Creative Arts 3
SW Social World 3
NW Natural World 5
AR Analytic Reasoning 3-5
BCR Butler Cultural Requirement (non-credit; see Butler Bulletin)


Total ___________________________________________________________


CCOM Requirements

Course # Course Title         Hours
COM 101 Public Speaking 3
SW 266 Media Literacy 3
Communication and Culture course From approved list 3
Foreign Language courses Language of Choice (6 hours of credit at the 200 or 300 level; courses are offered at the 100 level for students in need of preparation for more advanced study. Although 100 level courses do not satisfy the foreign language requirement, they do count toward the degree.  6
Total ___________________________________________________________ 15

Program Requirements

Course # Course Title         Hours
STR 128 Promotional Writing I* 3
STR 222 Principles of Strategic Communication 3
STR 228 Promotional Writing II 3
STR 251 Design & Production for Strategic Communication 3
STR 324W Ethics & Case Studies in Strategic Communication 3
STR 327 Research Methods for Strategic Communication 3
STR 329 Strategic Media Planning 3
STR 350 Strategic Communication Internship 3
STR 424S Public Communication Campaigns (Counts for ICR and Speaking Across the Curriculum) 3

*JR 112 can be substituted for STR 128 if already taken or with permission.


An elective in STR

Course # Course Title         Hours
STR321, STR322, STR328, STR331, STR332, STR341, STR342, STR356, STR357, STR426
Total ___________________________________________________________


One course in media law from the following (or current equivalents)*

Course # Course Title         Hours
JR 414 Mass Communication Law
CME 432 Law and Regulation of Electronic Media
CME 452 Entertainment Media and the Law
JR 409 Media Economics and Regulation


Total ___________________________________________________________


One course in international communication from the following (or current equivalents)*

Course # Course Title         Hours
JR 417 International Communications
ORG 359 Intercultural Communications

MRC 418

Gender and Media: Global Views

Total ___________________________________________________________


One course in communication theory from the following (or current equivalents)*

Course # Course Title         Hours
ORG 350 Communication Theory
MRC 310 Media & Culture Theory
MRC 315 Rhetorical Theory
MRC 462 Influence in Public Culture


Total ___________________________________________________________


Program Requirements Total ___________________________________________________________


Free Electives (Use for a concentration, minor, or double major) 12-36 credit hours

Minimum requirement: 12 credit hours of a concentration (must be outside of the primary major and defined by the same course letter designators) or as approved by the Program Director.
A minor is recommended; may be within CCOM but not in the same program.
A second major fulfills this requirement.

Students may be graduated upon completion of 126 semester hours, including the core curriculum, 40 hours of upper-division work, foreign language, and a major in the college.

Internship experience is a very important part of the curriculum and it is integrated into the program because of the university's location in Indianapolis and its wide selection of intern opportunities.

*Make sure you determine what prerequisites (listed in the Butler Bulletin) are required, if any, before enrolling in courses.


Strategic Communication majors are also encouraged to specialize either in Advertising or Public Relations. This provides 9 credit hours of depth study in an area beyond the converged Public Relations and Advertising curriculum that our Strategic Communication Major provides. Specialization is optional, however.

Public Relations