College of Communication
Strategic Communication: PR & Advertising

Communication and Culture Course Requirement

The following courses are approved to fill the college requirement

  • MRC 376 - Film, Culture and Criticism: Criticism of Film

    Introduces the concepts of film criticism. The course considers the grammars of composition, continuity, and editing; the conventions and variations involving narrative; and the implications of film for understanding social relations based on gender, race, and class. Prerequisites: Sophomore or above or permission of instructor. (U)(3)

  • CSD 338

  • MRC 354 - Gender and Communication

    This class examines communication practices in shaping and being shaped by gender. The study of gender and communication in public discourse, families, interpersonal relationships, organizations, and media are examined. We explore how communication creates, (re)produces, sustains, and sometimes challenges the meaning of gender and communication practices. (U)(3)

  • ORG 359 - Intercultural Communication

    The purpose of this course is to lead students to acquire the concepts and skills needed to manage effectively communicative encounters in which intercultural factors make a difference. (U)(3)

  • MRC 481 - Technologies of the Body

    As the body is always a site of power relations, it can be "read" to express a particular culture's desires and anxieties. We will examine the technologies that we employ to alter, change, and "perfect" the human body in order to meet the demands and desires of contemporary life. (U)(3)

  • JR 417 - International Communication

    Study of critical issues in international communication in an era of globalization. Prerequisite: senior standing or permission of the director. (U/G)(3)

  • MRC 465W

  • MRC 468

    Within a feminist studies framework, this course explores women's past roles in the development of music within Western culture and more specifically rock'n'roll. While considering the intersections of gender with race, class and sexual orientation, we will also critically examine the current state of women in rock. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing. (U)(3)

  • MRC 470 - Sports, Media & Culture

    This class is a critical study of mediated sports and their relationship to society. The class will examine the major issues and controversies surrounding sports and their cultural impact. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing. (U)(3)

  • JR 418 - Gender & Media: Global Views

    This course focuses on the representation and participation of women and other dis empowered groups in global media. Students will study media that are produced, distributed and consumed across national boundaries as well as media in a national context, thereby increasing their awareness of inequalities and avenues for media activism. (U)(3)

  • MRC 330 - Representations of Race & Difference

    Course investigates representations of race and racism in media culture and public discourse. Race is a social fiction, yet remains a force in our history, culture, and lives. Course examines how we discuss racism and represent race on news, film, and television. Prerequisite: Sophomore or above or permission of instructor.

  • MRC 420 - Queering Film

    From a critical-cultural studies perspective, this course will critically examine gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (GLBTQ) images in film. Examines both historical and contemporary examples while recognizing cultural conditions and industry restrictions imposed on queer life and images. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing or permission of instructor. (U)(3)

  • MRC 482 - Voices of Dissent & Social Change

    This course explores the communication strategies that activists have used to challenge the political and social injustices of their time. Case studies include women's suffrage, civil rights, free speech, and anti-globalization movements. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing or permission of instructor. (U)(3)