Staff Assembly

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Staff Assembly Meeting Minutes

GH108 (Attendance - Approximately 74)

Tyler Johnston, Chair, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Committee Reports

Employment Affairs -Dana Ohren for Mary Azar Callahan

  • The suggestion box in Lilly Hall was destroyed. Let Dana know if there are problems with other boxes across campus.
  • Campus Sweep information will be out in the next month. The event is set for April 27th.
  • Personal & Professional Development - Dick Hamm
  • The Real Estate Brown Bag will be January 27 in GH108 from 12-1
  • The Book Review event will be February 9 in AU111 from 12-1
  • Healthy Horizons Weight Watchers at Work began January 14. Contact Amy Kutansky with questions
  • Photoshop class will be January 29 with Bev Compton
  • Outlook Brown Bag is coming soon

Communications - Marsha Endre. Everyone should have received a paper copy of the newsletter this month. We have started printing the newsletter again because the BUconnection does not seem to be as effective at communicating with our constituency.
Activities & Socials - Chris Davis

  • January 16 was the faculty and staff day at the Men's Basketball game.
  • Relay for Life will be March 26-27. Staff will have one team named Dawg Walkers.

Faculty Relations - Julie Schrader. They will have a meeting on Friday. Bob Marcus reported that the new profile information is slowing down on 'Who's That'.
Nominations & Elections - Patti Collip

  • They are working on the election schedule
  • 3-4 positions available for election
  • Staff will receive an email by the end of March

ESL - Coco announced the Conversational Partner meeting will be tomorrow in AU111.

New Business

Ben Hunter - Public Safety
Division of Public Safety - BUPD

  • 18 officers - full time patrol
  • Academy trained
  • Inter-operability with other agencies

Emergency Preparedness

  • Active shooter and awareness on campus
  • Building and division plans
  • Weather protocols and warnings
  • Fire safety

Environmental Programs and EH&S

  • Program manager
  • Chemistry and lab safety
  • Disposal
  • Monitoring inspection audits

Parking Services

  • One enforcement officer
  • One registrar
  • $50 parking
  • Meter enforcement and visitor passes

Governed by Jeanne Clery Act - New Clery Act Requirements

  • Fire drills and audits of systems for campus housing
  • Stronger partnerships
  • Annual reporting (in .pdf)

Visibility on Campus

Emergency Preparedness on Campus - Campus Emergency Response Plan will be in book form and in a .pdf. Once completed, it will be updated annually.

Revamp web page


Recycle Mania - Dick Hamm -

  • The contest started last weekend and will last through March 27.
  • There are 500 schools participating.
  • Resident Halls and Greek Houses are completing again each other.
  • Eco Dawgs presented a video with a message from Blue.
  • There is a trailer of Blue's video through a link on the Staff Assembly Website.
  • All plastics number 1 through 7 are accepted
  • Only bring paper product from home, because there has been too much contamination from plastics

Two new staff member were introduced and welcomed to Butler.

The next Staff Assembly meeting will be on Wednesday, February 17, 2010.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:57 pm.

Cindi Holloway