Staff Assembly

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Staff Assembly Meeting Minutes

GH108 (Attendance - approximately 76)

Tyler Johnston, Chair, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Committee Reports

Staff Development - Gary Beaulieu stated the committee is working on evaluations for the spring brown bag sessions and when done, it will be sent to all attendees. They plan to offer a couple of sessions over the summer.

Employment Affairs - Judy Malarney announced Campus Sweep was a success with over 80 attendees.

Nominations & Elections - Patti Colip announced the results of the nominations to At-Large members of the Executive Committee. Beth Alexander was elected with Mary Azar Callahan and Mike Borden re-elected. Tyler thanked Deb Barrick for her past service.

Activities & Socials - No report.

Faculty Relations - Julie Schrader announced they sponsored the 'get-to-know-you' event at the spring picnic and gave out t-shirts. The committee will not meet again until the fall. Bob Marcus announced that he is filling the gaps for 'Who's That' and he still needs representatives for a few departments.

Communications - Marsha Endre reported the newsletter link was in the Staff Assembly email.

New Business

Board of Trustees Meeting - Tyler announced the Board of Trustees approved the Strategic Plan.

Library Services - Sally Neal, Irwin Library, gave a Library update and explained their services.

  • Major academic initiative is to build digital commons and material repository
  • Had a retreat to focus on integrating services in support of learning
  • Joining with Instructional Technology to develop Student Information Commons Associates program
  • Conducted 24 library instructional sessions
  • Working with Instructional Technology in redesigning plagiarism tutorial
  • LibGuides Home - Staff Resources is at This link includes Check-out a Movie, Find a Good Read, Travel Information, Career Research, Children's Books and Odds & Ends.

ESLProgram - Bob Holm reported that the ESL, English as a Second Language, program with Katie Brooks was proposed to Dr. Fong in April and he approved it as a two year pilot. It will start with eight employees with hopes to provide for staff families too and possibly grow to offer GED classes. More information will be provided this fall.


Two new staff members were introduced and welcomed to Butler.

The next Staff Assembly meeting will be on Wednesday, June 17, 2009.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 pm.

Cindi Holloway