Staff Assembly

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Staff Assembly Meeting Minutes

GH108 (Attendance - approximately 87)

Tyler Johnston, Chair, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. This is a special back to school edition of Staff Assembly. Blue II was a special guest.

Featured Slide Presentation - Beth Alexander presented a slide presentation of the 2009 commencement.

Tyler - A student tweeted - 'I just moved into the most magical place on earth' This years class includes: 958 freshmen, average 3.74 GPA, 8 national merits scholars 56 valedictorian, 19 salutatorians, 29 Lilly scholars, from 32 states, Australia, 104 legacy students

Committee Reports

Personal & Professional Development - Marsha Endre reported for Dick Hamm. The committee met yesterday.

  • The Butler Digest is being revised and will be re-titled "Butler Connection'.
  • has been upgraded.
  • They will be concentrating on three projects
    • "Preparing for College" workshop focusing on topics such as tuition remission, appropriate paperwork, etc.
    • H1N1 (swine flu) campus information program
    • Cooking workshops with Chef Tope. Topics include preparing for tailgating and holiday events.

Employment Affairs - Mary Azar Callahan stated the first meeting will be in September. She asked if anyone had pictures from the Campus Sweep to please notify her.

Nominations & Elections - Patti Colip stated there is nothing to report.

Activities & Socials - Chris Davis reported that the Passport Day was yesterday. 50 people received passports but there was some confusion as it was set up for only new passport and not renewals. USPS ran the event and will have another one in November. The committee met last Tuesday and they are working on new activities.

Faculty Relations - Julie Schrader reported they met with Bela Florenthal on July 30. Bela provided them with the results of the student Faculty/Staff survey. They will share a summary of the results in a general meeting. They plan to sponsor a get to know you at the next staff picnic. They are still taking pictures for 'Who's That'.

Communication - Marsha Endre reported the Staff Assembly website is almost complete with a re-development. She thanked Jamie Survance for her help with the process. The website will hold dates of activities and meetings. The suggestions and comment forms will be posted available on the website and will still be anonymous.

New Business

Marsha Dowell - There are three new directories:

  • Campus directory located at For the 'opt out' provision, go to This directory can show home address and phone number. Also, spouse information can be added. This will launch on September 1.
  • Enhance Dana's directory with a printed directory out this fall
  • has option for personal information.

David McCullough - University Bands.

  • The band program turns 80 years old this year
  • They have had featured articles in Sports Illustrated four more times than any other university band
  • It is documented that they are the first in the country to allow women in the band
  • The Butler University Marching Band 2008 DVD is for sale in the bookstore for $14.95 but can also be purchased from the band office for $10.
  • Band members in 2005 - 48, 2006 - 62, 2007 - 74, 2008 - 84 and 2009 - 110.
  • Kappa Kappa Psi got 106 of the old band uniforms and they were able to make 212 pillows. These pillows were marketed to band alumni. They raised $9,000 on them.
  • Sent movies out to archive and got 11 DVD's
  • There are 211 Kappa Kappa Psi chapters and Butler's chapter is the most outstanding in the country
  • Alpha Beta Brothers and the Founders Trophy in Phoenix

Levester Johnson, Student Affairs

  • Students started moving in over a week ago
  • 475 students already moved in to the Apartment Village

Trivial Questions for Door Prizes

  1. AOC, what is it? Ambassadors of Change
  2. One of the oldest Greek Chapters returning to campus on Friday, who is it? Phi Delta Theta
  3. What goes on Sunday under the tent? Resource Fair
  4. What is the Mall Mixer on Monday? Play Fair
  5. What is the Tuesday event out in the community? Bulldogs Into The Streets (BITS)
  6. What was the email message about that was sent out a few weeks ago? Community of Care. 100 presidents that talked about drinking on campus. End result is less cases to deal with.

Chad Lesczynski, SGA president.

  • SGA is hosting two events, Clowes Hall showing video about Blue Crew and karaoke night on Thursday.
  • SGA helped with the initiative to get more lounge space in the C Club. Should be complete in about two weeks
  • The shuttle bus for students on Friday and Saturday will be extended to Glendale Mall.


Five new staff members were introduced and welcomed to Butler.

The next Staff Assembly meeting will be on Wednesday, September 16 in GH108.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 pm.

Cindi Holloway