Staff Assembly

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Staff Assembly Meeting Minutes

GH108 (Attendance - approximately 116)

Tyler Johnston, Chair, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

  • Chipotle - 100 free burritos
  • Featured Department - Health Services and Counseling and Consultation Services (CCS)

Breast Cancer Awareness - Carrie Maffeo and Dr. Bailee Belcher handed out pamphlets and Breast Cancer Quick Facts. They discussed the importance of breast cancer awareness and informed the staff that the mammogram bus will be on campus in April.

Committee Reports

Staff Development - No report.

Employment Affairs - Dana Ohren announced they are working on a University Directory and 'How To' guide. They have received several comments in the Suggestion Boxes which they will send them to the appropriate person to handle. All comments will be posted on the JH bulletin board.

Nominations & Elections - No report.

Activities & Socials - They have two new members. They are working on ideas such as holiday tree decoration contest, a spring sports spectacular, and the Relay for life.

Faculty Relations - Bob Marcus reported the CBA students have been working on the marketing research preliminary survey questions. They have been meeting with the students to put together final questions. The survey will be through Survey Monkey with a random sample of the staff. Email Bob with a 'Who's That' profile.

Communications - Monica Strigari reported they met on October 10 th and discussed duties and established roles. They want to promote having more people to join the committee.

New Business

Strategic Plan Feedback Opportunities

  • If you want Staff Assembly to submit your comments, submit to us by Oct. 31
  • If you want to submit your comments directly to Blackboard, do so before Nov. 10
  • Brief on 2 town meetings
  • Comments on blackboard - staff most vocal with comments with a range of things - put comments card in suggest box and will compile them or email to by Oct 31 and are due by us Nov 10
  • It is okay to submit just an idea only with a paragraph to support it.

Compensation Study Update - Jonathan Small and Elaine Johnson gave an overview of the Compensation Study completion. Some objectives are: develop a salary structure competitive with the marketplace, develop compensation and classification philosophy and strategy, collect and document information about jobs. Implementation plan includes: Phase I all employees below their new salary range minimum to the minimum effective 6/1/07. Phase II, evaluate jobs not included in Phase I and determine target salary. The next phase is to look at job titles coinciding with job duties.


United Way - Levester Johnson and Deb Lecklider thanked all staff members who have given already. They will send out emails to those who have not given yet and those who want to give can go on-line or go to HR to fill out the form. United Way will match donations of first time givers of $52.

Brown Bag - The outcome of Oct 2nd Brown Bag Luncheon will be updated at the next meeting.

One new staff member was introduced and welcomed to Butler.

The next Staff Assembly meeting will be on Wednesday, November 19, 2008.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:59pm.

Cindi Holloway, Secretary/Treasurer