Staff Assembly

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Staff Assembly Meeting Minutes

GH108 (Attendance - approximately 108)

Tyler Johnston, Chair, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Introduction of the new Executive Committee and Conveners was made and the Organizational Structure diagram was discussed.

Tyler thanked the previous members for their service.

Committee Reports

Staff Development - Marc Hardy reported they just had their first meeting. They expect 10 workshops having to do with computers, resume writing, etc. This week they are conducting a grant writing workshop, which is in two parts.

Employment Affairs - Dana Ohren reported that the committee first meeting is Tuesday, July 22.

Nominations & Elections - Patti Colip reported this committee is on hiatus.

Activities & Socials - Sandy Schleef reported this committee's first meeting is July 17. They have only four members and would like anyone interest to join them. The travel network will start again in September with the first topic of Nova Scotia, more information later. There will be a plant exchange in the Fall. Open swimming in HRC and in conjunction possibly an ice cream social before school starts. Welcome to new ideas. For those interested in softball, we may be able to get some playing time in soon. She has contacted the HRC about using the field.

Faculty Relations - Julie Schrader reported 'Who's That' is doing well - let them know if you want to participate. There are now three faculty members on this committee. A marketing class is doing research on communications between faculty and staff and will be doing a climate survey between faculty and staff. In August they will be doing the Welcome Goodie bag for the new faculty members.

Communications - Marsha Endre reported the newsletter is back. If staff has anything to publicize or announce, let us know and we will put it in the newsletter.

Guest Speaker

Dr. Jamie Comstock, Provost - She doesn't yet know what her academic goals will be for this coming year. She described the Provost role at the university, which is the Chief Academic Officer of the university and is separate from other VP's to signify the central focus of the institution is academics. Academics come first. The Provost is in charge when the President is away from campus. Her responsibility is to delivery on the promise of a quality education to our students. Match academic quality with Butler's reputation and continue to growth so that Butler's reputation can continue to be enhanced. Her main goal is, what is the best thing for the students. Quality education depends on having a quality faculty and staff.

New Business

Retreat on July 28 Goals of the retreat are to examine how staff assembly functions and possibly restructuring the committees. Larry Lad from the CBA will be facilitating part of the day. He asked for ideas for Staff Assembly to be dropped in the suggestion boxes.


HR Director/Chief Diversity Officer - Bob Holm announced three prospects will be on campus next week for open forums. The time and place will be announced.

Center for Faith and Vocation Food Drive - Marguerite Stanciu thanked everyone for donations.

BackPack Attack - Julie Schrader asked for donations of school supplies for IPS students.

HR New Policy - Lisa Walton reported on the new Lactation Room policy. Requires space be provided for working mothers. HRC is one that is available.

Committees - They are looking for members.

Three new staff members were introduced and welcomed to Butler.

The next Staff Assembly meeting will be on Wednesday, August 13, 2008.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:03 p.m.

Cindi Holloway, Secretary/Treasurer