Staff Assembly

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Staff Assembly Meeting Minutes

GH108 (Attendance - approximately 140)

Andy Ryan, Chair, called the meeting to order and welcomed our guest speakers, along with the deans and provost.

Committee Reports

With the following exceptions, committee reports were suspended due to Dr. Fong's schedule.

Activities and Socials Committee - Jane Clarke announced that there will be a Book/Magazine/CD/DVD Exchange at the next meeting on March 19th.

Communications Committee - Jo Wagoner reported that there are new "Who's THAT?" profiles online at the Staff Assembly HUB site.

Proposed Bylaws Updates

Andy Ryan, Chair, reviewed the proposed changes to the Bylaws. There were no questions and there was no discussion; the changes were voted on and passed unanimously.

Compensation Study Discussion

Dr. Fong, Bruce Arick, Doug Simpkins and Elaine Johnson were in attendance to discuss the compensation study results and the new job classifications and to answer questions. All staff jobs across campus were processed the same way, regardless of college or division, and the job categories and the study results will be posted online by April 1st. Dr. Fong's prepared comments from today's meeting are posted on, along with the Q&A, the PDQ and the appeals form. The following are the major points from the study:
Study Accomplishments:

  • Over 300 titles for about 550 staff members were reduced to 82 categories (with sub-categories); comparable to titles in the market.
  • Campus job structure is clearer for advancement and for hiring and jobs can be compared in a systematic fashion now.
  • Job classifications now compare to other campuses - salary ranges for each classification (minimum salaries established in each; raised employees to minimum if below); equity pool (of funds) was to take care of those below the minimum first.

Appeal Process and Timing:

Human Resources will be posting an appeal form online. The form must be signed by the heads of the department and the division and filed with Elaine Johnson in HR by March 15th to be considered in this cycle. If HR is already addressing an issue for you, then no additional PDQ is required. Other discussion points included:

  • If your job has changed significantly since the original PDQ was filed, or it is new and not yet classified, you must submit a PDQ with the appeal form. If an error was made in the classification, the salary adjustment will go back to June '07.
  • Working titles that make sense in the daily operation of the office should continue to be used if they are different than the HR Job Classification titles.
  • If a new title doesn't make sense, title corrections can be addressed by appeal form.
  • All employees whose salaries were adjusted (nine-month employees included) are eligible for increases this year.
  • Compression issues - The University is now able to compare people within the same categories with comparable performance reviews. Performance ratings averaged over the last three years for each employee and their years of service in the position will be addressed in this cycle between now and June 1st.
  • Phase 2, going on now through May 31st, will take into consideration years of service and performance evaluations. Staff with 4-6 years in a given job category with favorable performance evaluations should be at the mid-point of the salary range. That process will cost more than we have to spend this year so funds will have to be divided and the process spread over a couple of years.
  • Use both titles when applying for credit, mortgages, etc., where HR might be contacted.

Staff Satisfaction Survey

Susie Bremen announced that the Butler Digest will have a link to the new satisfaction survey later this week. The surveys should be completed by February 29th so that results can be discussed at the March meeting. Paper copies are on the Staff Assembly bulletin board in Jordan Hall and through Marsha Endre ( Spanish versions will be available.

Women's History Month (March) - Jennifer Griggs

The Woman of Distinction Award honors a senior student and a faculty/staff member as described in the handouts provided. Nominees should be outstanding leaders with a commitment to the Butler community who carry themselves with dignity and pride and face challenges head-on. Nominations are due February 29th; a reception to honor them will be held at the end of March. Watch for e-mails about Women's History Month bulletin board/poster projects on campus along with additional details about the award.

Top Dawg Award - Janet Capps

Top Dawg nominations for the 2007-08 academic year will be accepted from early March through mid-May and awards will be made at the "Welcome Back" picnic in August. Nominees will be considered based on exceptional service to Butler and going above and beyond what their job calls for from June 2007 through May 2008. Previous recipients are eligible, though they cannot win two years in a row. Watch for posters on campus and a link to the nomination page on the Staff Assembly web site.

New staff members were introduced and welcomed to Butler. Door prize drawings were held at the conclusion of the meeting.

The next Staff Assembly meeting will be on Wednesday, March 19, 2008.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 p.m.

Susie Bremen, Vice Chair