Staff Assembly

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Staff Assembly Meeting Minutes

GH108 (Attendance - approximately 110)

Tyler Johnston, Chair, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Committee Reports

Staff Development - Marc Hardy reported the committee will meet tomorrow and determine their new role with HR. They want to work on a staff development track.

Employment Affairs - Dana Ohren reported their agenda for the year included campus sweep. They would like to have a PDF file with a phone listing done by the end of the Fall semester. She mentioned the locations of the suggestion boxes and stated that the suggestions are anonymous. They are looking for two new members, preferably with departments who are not already represented, such as Admissions, Financial Aid, Registration and Records, or Athletics.

Nominations & Elections - Patti Colip announced the Office Max office supply fair on Friday.

Activities & Socials - Jane Clarke reported the Travel Network will have a presentation on Nova Scotia on September 18th. There will be a Brown Bag lunch in the Blue House. A plant swap will take place in the September general meeting.

Faculty Relations - Bob Marcus announced that they will conduct a get to know you activity at the picnic and they are still working on the details. They will do the Welcome Wagon to new faculty in which each committee member will introduce themselves and give good bags to four or five new faculty. They have over 100 profiles for 'Who's That' and the form is on the HUB or contact Bob. A business class is conducting a survey this fall, which will be done in phases. Faculty will start Brown Bag Wednesdays soon, but they are not scheduled yet. This committee needs one more member.

Communications - Marsha Endre reported she needs people to help update the website and publish the newsletter.

Old Business

Staff Satisfaction Survey - Tyler showed slides he created. In general most people are satisfied, but we should work on the shockers. (See slide copies)

HR Director Search Update - Bob Holm thanked everyone for their comments and input. The committee compiled the pros and cons on each person and the Director hasn't been selected yet.

Guest Speaker

Elaine Johnson - Elaine reported that the compensation study is in phase II in which they are reviewing appeals. They have had over 100 jobs that have been restructured or new to review since the start of the project. Division heads are reviewing and then employees will be notified. They are doing a cost study on upgrades and raises will be phased in. The deadline was June 1 but they are now shooting for September 1. HR is responsible for putting together numbers for compression and giving them to the Department heads for approvals. All increases will be retroactive back to June 1. They are taking individuals to mid-point if they have been here at least 5 years. That is the target but they may not have the money. They won't release the appeals communications until all divisions have approved. Bruce has a meeting with the department heads on Monday to discuss. People here longer than five years will be phased in with increases. They are trying to be fair as they can with as many people as they can with the money they have.


Officer Fishburn - Shirley Copple announced that Chick-fil-A in Southport has started a fund for donations to help pay for Officer Fishburn's medical expenses and help the family.

Instructional Technology - Julianne Miranda introduced the instructional Technology commons in Jordan Hall basement. It is open for Professional needs, so contact them if you want to learn something.

Back to School - Levester Johnson and Ryan Waggoner, SGA President, announced that we will have 945 freshmen starting this fall. Highlights of orientation will be:

  • Move-in Saturday August 23 rd with 80% of the students moving in then
  • During the weekend some offices will be open, Financial Aid, Registration and Records and Learning Resource Center
  • Welcome Week tent
  • HRC reception on Saturday night
  • Play Fare Monday
  • Tyler will conduct a face book on-line communication in Clowes Hall on Sunday
  • Football players, RA's and International students are already here
  • Student Affairs will pass out Welcome Week shirts for all front line offices to wear on Monday
  • Ryan is sending out SGA brochures to new students
  • Passed out ITunes cards to use by August 31st

Security Alerts - Mike Gardner reported that many people complained that the new security alert system sent out an alert on Sunday, August 3 rd at 4:30 a.m., when the power was out on the campus. People can choose not to get the calls.

Two new staff members were introduced and welcomed to Butler.

The next Staff Assembly meeting will be on Wednesday, September 17, 2008. Theme: Green Meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 3:07 p.m.

Cindi Holloway, Secretary/Treasurer