University Bands and Spirit Programs

How to Join Butler Athletic Bands

Membership in the Butler University Marching Band (BUMB) can be like a home away from home.  The BUMB is definitely an exciting experience that you will never forget.  It's also the quickest way to meet new friends before classes even begin!  We highly encourage you to consider joining.  Along with the thrill of performing, as a member of BUMB you are able to:

  • Fulfill your Physical Well Being core requirement.
  • Receive a $100 tuition reduction.

Anyone interested in joining the Butler University Marching Band needs to follow these steps:

  1. Complete the contact form.
  2. Remember to add the class "PWB-140-01" to your fall schedule when you register for classes.
  3. Log into the New Members Moodle Site to get music and warm-up exercises.  Here's how to do this.

The New Members Moodle Site will provide you access to sheet music, exercises, addition recordings, and membership information.  If you are unable to complete the online contact form, or access the New Members Moodle site please, email the band office at We can help.

Should you have your Butler ID and password, you are ready to log in to the "Members Only" BUMB Moodle site!

  1. Go to Butler's Moodle Homepage
  2. Log in to Moodle using your Butler User ID and password
  3. Click "Enroll Me" button to self enroll in the course
  4. You're ready to browse the BUMB Moodle Site!

* One scheduling conflict of note: if you are a College of Business freshman, you will need to take MG101 in the spring. The fall sections force you to miss football games.  Enrolling in the spring section avoids this conflict.

While joining the Marching Band is not a requirement to be in Basketball Band, it does provide an inside track.  BUBB rehearsals and performances begin in October and continue throughout the basketball season. The first BUBB rehearsal is listed on the marching bands schedule, located on the forms and resources page of this site.

Woodwind and Brass Sections

The BUMB hornline marches with piccolos, clarinets, alto saxophones, tenor saxophones, baritone saxophones, trumpets, mellophones, trombones, baritones, and sousaphones.  Auditions are not yet required for membership in the hornline.  All interested students will have the opportunity to perform with BUMB.  Due to a limited number of some instruments and the need to design drills over the summer, some shows will include only a predetermined number of performers on each instrument.

Music excerpts, exercises and our "Preseason Technique Training Program" are available in the "Athletic Bands New Members" area. Complete the contact form to gain access!

Color Guard

The color guard typically utilizes flags, air blades, and dance routines. Rifle and sabre may also be included at times.  The guard follows the same rehearsal schedule as the rest of the band. Previous movement/dance experience is desirable, but not required.  In fact, some of our strongest performers did not pick up a flag until coming to Butler.

Additional information on the guard can be found on the forms and resources page of this site, and don't forget to complete the contact form!


Due to diverse nature of marching percussion and the increasing number of interested students, members of the drumline will undergo placement auditions during the first few days of rehearsals.

In addition to the typical battery -- snare, multi-tenor, and bass sections -- our line includes a group of high-energy (read CRAZY, FUN, AND ENERGETIC) cymbalists.  While cymbal/drumming experience is a plus, anyone who is interested is encouraged to take part.

Information on auditioning for the drumline can be found in the "Athletic Bands New Members" area. Complete the contact form to gain access!

Students attending the Butler University Snare and Tenor Camp (featuring Jeff Queen & Bill Bachman) may complete their audition at that time if desired. Marching band students are eligible to attend this camp at a reduced fee by completing the Snare and Tenor Camp Reduced Tuition Form (PDF). 

Pit/Front Ensemble

The BUMB Front Ensemble is the stationary section of the band made up of a rhythm section (piano, bass, and guitar), and the Pit consisting of several accessory percussionists and a mallet keyboard section (marimbas, vibraphones, xylophone, and bells).  This group is usually a mix of percussion majors, other "true percussionists," and those who primarily play other instruments.

Exercises and audition information is available in the "Athletic Bands New Members" area. Complete the contact form to gain access!


JCFA Auditions and Scholarships are NOT required for membership in athletic bands. Information for the School of Music may be found on the JCFA audition page.