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Butler Band Traditions

Creating the Freshman Class Picture!

Every year since 1994, after the President's Convocation, the freshman class is released onto the lawn in front of Clowes hall.  There they find a group of band students, who have spent hours designing and painting some sort of shape or word.  The band members ensure that this is done quickly and effectively.  The freshmen are then photographed and their class picture is put on display in Atherton Union.  Watch the video below for an example of 2014's freshman picture!

After Bulldog Victories

When the Butler Bulldogs pull off another great win, the band gives them a little extra treat.  After the final whistle or buzzer, the War Song is played, followed by "Celebrate" by Kool and the Gang.  Then "One! Two! Back to old BU!"  A great finale with a lot of Butler spirit!  The tag ending is played only after a victory, and is the band's send off to the team and the fans.  The spirit of the Bulldogs and support from the band really makes Butler sporting events a memorable experience.

Where my Dawgs at?!

Make sure you come early to football games! When the pre-game clock strikes 12 minutes, the band pours onto the field from the tunnel.  The drumline cadence gets everybody into position and then the pre-game show begins.  After the National Anthem, the next order of business is to "Go Get The Dawgs." This traditional cadence has crowd participation!  The band then welcomes the team on the field, playing the War Song when the cheerleaders lead the team out of the tunnel.  This excitement really shows what it means to be a Bulldog fan.

where my dawgs at

Alumni Band At Homecoming!

Each year band alumni are invited back to perform in the pre-game show with the current BUMB.  Their chops don't last long, but they have a great time back out on the field and telling their "War Stories" about how the band was so much better when THEY were in it.  The current band members will come back and say exactly the same thing at future Homecoming performances!

The Team "Protects Our House," But Who Cleans It?

Years ago Vicki Devine, a member of the athletic facilities staff, joined the band so she could march with her son Jim who was the Drum Major.  Vicki marched for those two years, and then for many more years after that!  The band noticed that one of many of Vicki's jobs was to help in the cleaning of the stadium after football games.  The Band saw one of its own out there working and decided to help.  For more than a decade now, after each football game the marching band cleans the stadium.  That's just one more tradition the band is proud of and most folks don't even know this one exists!

band clean house 1

Full Season DVD

Each year since 2004 the marching band creates a DVD of the season's shows. This has grown from a one-camera production to a three camera, high definition product now produced by a graduate of Butler's Media Arts Department. These look terrific and sound great in 5.1 surround sound!

dvd covers

This page was created by Athletic Bands members Mike McFall, alto sax, '07-'11 and Aaron Kelly, percussion, '09-'13.