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Using The Lab

Who We Are

Students can come to Speakers Lab to get help with speeches and presentations, both individual and group. Speakers Lab can help your students refine their topic, organize their research, and effectively present their speech. After that, Speakers Lab can even review the finished presentation with your students to help them do even better next time.

Speakers Lab can help your students with their presentations from beginning to end!

Location and Hours

Butler University Speakers Lab has two locations to serve your students' needs: Fairbanks 140 and Fairbanks 250.

Speakers Lab encourages you to work closely with the peer tutor of your choice--to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Please note: scheduling conflicts may arise, so another tutor may substitute.

Also, please be aware that Speakers Lab closes for holidays and breaks in the academic year. Plan ahead and contact Speakers Lab if you have any questions. Speakers Lab will attempt to accommodate your needs, but it is always best to plan ahead.

The Speakers Lab has centralized operations in the Richard M. Fairbanks center for communication and Technology. The lab's two facilities, FB 140 and FB 250, are available to meet your needs.

Scheduling Appointments

To schedule an appointment, students can sign up outside of the lab rooms located in FB 140 and FB 250.

In the Event of Difficulties

Speakers Lab tutors are trained to assist students having difficulties by phone during normal operating hours. If necessary, tutors can schedule appointments for students.

Other reminders for your students:

  • Groups may only schedule on the hour for the whole hour.
  • Speakers Lab does not accept appointments by e-mail.
  • Speakers Lab cannot return calls to long-distance numbers.