College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Sociology & Criminology

Butler Research Opportunities

Honors Thesis

Outstanding students may participate in the Butler University Honors Program, which culminates in an Honors Thesis. The Honors Thesis allows students to work with a faculty advisor on an independent research project of interest to the student. University honors as well as departmental honors are available. Please consult the honors website or a member of the Sociology and Criminology department for more information about this exciting program.

Butler Summer Institute (BSI)

The Butler Summer Institute allows students to work closely with a faculty mentor on a research project of interest from mid-May to mid-July. Students work and live alongside other students who are working on research projects. They are given a $2,500 stipend, a housing allowance, and free admission to cultural events that take place on campus during the summer that they participate. Visit the Summer Institute website for more information.