College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Sociology & Criminology

Sociology Minor Program (21 cr. hrs.)

I. Core Requirements (9 cr. hrs.)

  • SW 200SO Understanding Society
  • SO 39W1 Social Theory Seminar (prereq.: SW200SO, two sociology courses, junior standing)
  • SO 393 Research Methods Seminar (prereq.: SW 200SO, one sociology course, SO 293 or equivalent and junior standing)

II. Sociology Area Requirements (12 cr. hrs.)

One course from each of the four concentration areas.  (All 300 level courses require SW 20SO or permission:  SO 293, SO 381, SO 383, SO 385 may not be taken to satisfy this requirement.)

Socio-Cultural Institutions

SO 301 Families and Gender Roles
SO 303 Political Behavior,Polity and Society
SO 311 Law and Society
SO 315 Film, Media, and Society
SO 319 Mental Illness, Culture and Society
SO 351 Punishment and Society
SO 353 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency

Social Structure and Differentiation

SO 317 Gender and Society
SO 321 Crime and Society
SO 323 Racial and Ethnic Relations
SO 325 Class, Status and Power
SO 326 Gender, Race and Crime
SO 329 The Sociology of Racism

Socio-Cultural Process and Integration

SO 339 Violence, Media and Culture
SO 341 Self and Society
SO 343 Popular Culture
SO 345 Deviance and Social Control
SO 347 Urban Community
SO 349 Social Movements

Global and Comparative Studies

SO 331 Latin American Societies
SO 333 European Societies
SO 335 Global Societies