College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Sociology & Criminology

The Criminology Minor (21 cr hrs)

I. Core Requirements (9 cr hrs)

  • SW200 SO Understanding Society
  • SO391W Social Theory Seminar (SW200SO + two sociology courses; Junior standing)
  • SO393 Social Research Seminar (SW200SO + one sociology course + SO293 Social Statistics OR other approved Statistics course; Junior standing) 

II. Area Requirements (All 300 level courses require SW200 SO or permission)

Crime and Law Area: Three Courses (9 cr hrs)         

Required Core Course:
SO321 Crime and Society             


Two of the following:

  • SO311 Law and Society
  • SO326 Gender, Race, Crime
  • SO339 Violence, Media, Culture
  • SO345 Deviance and Social Control
  • SO351 Punishment and Society
  • SO353 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
  • SO355 International Crime

Socio-Cultural Diversity; One Course (3 cr hrs):

  • SO317 Gender and Society
  • SO323 Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • SO325 Class, Status and Power
  • SO329 The Sociology of Racism