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Criminology Major


Criminology is a social science focused on an examination of the social causes and consequences of crime. Our criminology major builds on the same core requirements for the sociology major and reflects the department's curricular emphasis on the fundamentals of social science research, concepts and issues, theories and methods, and research practice. The criminology major provides a major focus on deviance, law, punishment, crime and social control, but also emphasizes flexibility and choice for students who may then choose from a variety of additional courses. Students are exposed to cultural diversity and comparative sociology through a variety of diversity and international content courses. Our department is one of the few among peer institutions to offer a course in international crime. Students completing this major develop and complete a senior research project in an area of crime that is of interest to them. Students also engage in experiential learning through service learning courses and internship opportunities. Some recent internship placements include: EPA Criminal Investigations Division; Indiana Department of Homeland Security; Marion County Prosecutors Office; Marion Superior Court, Juvenile Division; and Local Police Departments (inc. Avon, Carmel, Fishers).

Student Learning Objectives for this Major 

Major Requirements 

Career Opportunities

Students pursuing the criminology major have a number of attractive career options available to them. Job prospects for students interested in pursuing criminal justice careers are excellent, especially in this era of global security concerns. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, direct spending for police, corrections and other criminal justice-related activity has increased steadily since the 1980s. Students who graduate with a bachelor's degree in criminology also find entry-level opportunities in social services, business and community organizations. Many of our criminology majors go to law school upon graduation or pursue graduate degrees in criminology, criminal justice, forensics or other social sciences.