College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Sociology & Criminology

Graduates of 1935-1989


Name & Grad. Year Past / Present Place of Employment Grad. School Miscellaneous
Alsie Corn-Nesbit - 1937 Butler University Post Office   After graduation, Alsie continued working in the university post office. After five years she left to start a family. She and her husband, Joe (also a Butler alum.), are still enjoying an active life in Indy, camping, walking the canal, painting, traveling and reading.
Mary Jane Laatz - 1938 I.U. School of Medicine Library, Director - Retired as Associate Professor Emeritus Case Western Reserve University School of Library Science Mary Jane served as Director of the Library for 26 years retiring as Emeritus Associate Professor of Medical Literature and Librarian. She was the Indiana University representative to the Educational Communications Network Study of EDUCOM in 1966. From 1968-70 she was Chairman of the Council of Midwest Regional Health Sciences Libraries and Cooperative Information Services. Following retirement she volunteered for 15 years at the Indianapolis/Marion County Public Library Book Sale, as a greeter at the Eli Lilly Pavilion and clerk in the Gift Shop at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
Marjorie Kaser-Disborough - 1939 Evansville, IN regional office of the federal government   Marjorie's first job was in Evansville, IN where she was a social worker in the regional office of the federal government. After a job transfer w/her husband's company, they moved to Iowa where Marjorie began her volunteer service for the next 60 years serving in youth organizations, church positions/committees, Div. of Health & Human Svcs., Museum volunteer in Wilmington, Delaware, American Association of University Women (AAUW) and Council for International Visitors all the while raising her 2 children. Marjorie is now a grandmother of 4 and continues to reside in Wilmington, Delaware.
Deotis Hardeman - 1939 Crispus Attucks Evening School - Indiana Employment Security Division Butler University and I.U. School of Social Work Deotis earned his Master's in counseling at Butler in 1969. He then entered graduate school at I.U.'s School of Social Work. He went on to teach sociology at Crispus Attucks for 1 year and then for the Indiana Employment Security Division for 32 years as an employment interviewer, counselor, civil rights specialist, state counseling supervisor. He retired in 1977. He is a member of several professional and community associations and organizations.
Doris DuValle-Rasdall - 1940 General Hospital (Wishard) - Flanner House - Indianapolis Public Schools Masters equivalency from I.U. School of Social Work - M.S. degree in Education from Butler While working for Wishard Doris was a Social Service Worker. She then went on to become a Nursery school intake worker at Flanner house. From there she acted as supervisor and teacher for their nursery school. She then became a first grade teacher for I.P.S. before serving as Educational Consultant for 14 years. In this capacity she organized and directed Operation S.M.A.R.T., Aspirant Teacher program, workshops for all inner city personnel. She was on loan for 2 years from I.P.S. to cooperate with other city agencies to develop the Mapleton Fall Creek Parent Child Center to develop a home curriculum for parents of prenatal to age 5 year-old children. She retired in 1980. She was a Sunday school teacher and choir member; a member of AKA and the Fortnightly Book Club. She married Walter E. Rasdall, Sr. and has one son, three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
Marian Stone-Crimans - 1947   Butler Univ. College of Education. - Ball State University Marian took a graduate assistantship in the sociology dept. at Butler and opted to take education courses to get her secondary school teacher's license. She then took a course at I.U. to convert her secondary license to an elementary. She and her husband then started a family. Many years later she was lead into the field of social work, working for a school system for 3 years on a grant program. When the program ended she decided to stay in the school system. She went to Ball State for 1 year to get her certification as an English teacher. She retired 12 years later (1982).
Harriette Elder-Aichele - 1949 Butler University, Teacher Placement and Certification Office - Speedway Schools Butler University, College of Education While employed in the Teacher Placement and Certification office at Butler, Harriette began working toward her Master's in Education. She taught briefly in Indianapolis and then moved to Speedway, IN as a second grade teacher. She returned to Butler to earn her license in Library Science and retired from Speedway in 1992 as a Junior High Librarian. Following retirement she became active in Oasis, taking classes and working as a volunteer.
Deborah-Dorman Yocum - 1953     After graduation Deborah held positions as a Reporter, substitute teacher and assistant in her husband's medical office. She also worked in a hospice. She was the first woman in Indiana to serve on a Liquor Board. After raising her 5 children, she attended law school for 1.5 years. Her primary past-time these days is duplicate bridge. She also taught bridge.
Booker Hughes - 1955 Pastor until 1959 - Department of Defense and Indianapolis Post Office - Bureau of Census at Jeffersonville, IN. Catholic University of America with M.A. in Sociology of Religion. Booker pastored and worked at the Dept. of Defense and the Indianapolis Post Office. In 1960 he became employed at the Bureau of Census at Jeffersonville, IN and then transferred to Washington, D.C. in administration. At the end of his tenure there he was rehired at the new Dept. of Defense administration from which he retired in 1983. While in Washington, in 1963, he became co-pastor until 1989. Though he retired in 1989 he remained an active member of the staff. He and his wife and family remain in the Washington, D.C. area.
Bob Whitehurst - 1959 Bowling Green State University. - IUPUI in Ft. Wayne - University of Windsor, Ont. M.S. in Sociology from Purdue University - Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University Bob retired from the University of Windsor, Ont. in 1988 and became Emeritus professor after collaborating on or writing four books in the areas of sex, gender and family.
Mary Jane Hartwick-Norman - 1961 Self-Employed Law school Mary Jane graduated from law school in 1985 after staying home to be a full-time mother of her 2 children. She returned to Marion County Dept. of Public Welfare as a staff attorney. She previously worked there as a child welfare caseworker. In 1990 she became their Chief Counsel. She left in 1993 to open her own practice. She is now a Certified Family Law Specialist and continues to help families and children.
Clarice Bea Stanfield-Overton - 1962 State Department of Correction - Chairperson of the State Work Release Program - Department of Justice - Department of Defense - Securities Brokerage   Upon graduation, Clarice became a Senior Parole Officer for several years. While taking time to have a family, she continued as volunteer and Chairperson of the State Work Release Program. In 1971 she headed a Dept. of Justice 2-year grant program to help ex-offenders find employment. The DOJ placed the final report on her project in the U.S. Congressional Record as an example of excellence. She was then recruited by the DOJ to be a member of an elite behavioral science research team where she served as a Research Sociologist for the next 23 years. She wrote military doctrine and briefed military Generals regularly. Much of her time was spent in Combat and Training Developments and some in directing a social service center as a research lab. She retired in 1996. She is a published author and was honored as the Federal Employee of the Year for Central Indiana. She is currently a securities broker and owns her own business.
Lucille "Lu" Dick-Sherman - 1963 Self employed University of Arizona - Law school in Tucson Lu and her husband have 2 children, Gregory and Stacia. Their work has taken them to a Navajo reservation in Window Rock, Arizona, Bisbee, Arizona, where her husband was deputy county atty. and she worked as a transcriber with a court. They returned to Tucson where Lu went to law school and made Law Review and then became a Law Review editor during her 2nd and 3rd years of law school. She graduated magna cum laude and passed the bar on her first try. She formed her own practice and then later her husband and she established their own firm.
Judy Derr - 1964 Senior Paralegal with Van Winkle Law Firm   Judy and her husband reside in North Carolina and are looking forward to retirement in Western North Carolina.
Jack Glazier - 1965 Professor and Department Chair of Anthropology at Oberlin College University of California at Berkeley Jack received his Ph.D. in 1972, with a year and half out for field research in East Africa. He has continued his work there and in addition has done ethno-historical research on Sephardic Jews in Indianapolis and, currently African American life in western Kentucky.
Cynthia Springer-Harbold - 1965 Marion County Dept. of Welfare - Aon - CNA MBA University of Notre Dame Cyndy worked for the Marion Co. Dept. of Welfare before pursuing her MS in Organizational Development and then her MBA from Notre Dame. She attained executive level positions in divisions of Aon (intl. insurance broker) and CNA (intl. insurance carrier). She is now a managing consultant usually in the healthcare field.
Thomas Owens - 1965 Veterans Administration   Bob was a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist for the V.A. He served many vets with combat related injuries and misdiagnoses prior to recognizing PTSD. He was one of only three counselors for the entire state at that time. He retired as a GS-12 in 1995 after 28 years. Bob's advice is not to overlook the Federal Govt. as a potential employer.
Robert Oyler - 1966   University of Wisconsin-Madison Bob received his Master's degree and stopped just short of prelims for the Ph.D.
Judy Martin - 1967     Judy went back to school to gain certification to teach primary age children. When she retired she became a substitute teacher in the area of special education.
Owen Field - 1973   Miami University (Ohio) Owen went on to graduate school to earn his MA in Sociology, with a concentration in Sociology of Knowledge.
Jay Ruklic - 1973 J.P. Ruklic Screw Co.   After working for the Indiana Compensation Rating Bureau, Jay decided to leave and move back home to the Chicago area and join the family business. Jay and his brother are now co-presidents. Jay and his wife rarely miss a Butler homecoming.
Patty Wachel - 1973     Patty went straight in to the workforce as a Counselor at Goodwill Industries and later as a drug and alcohol counselor at Fairbanks Hospital. She has been in Human Resources for the last 12 years as a Director of Training and Recruitment and now as a Human Resources Manager for a manufacturing plant.
Robert Wolstein - 1974     Bob is currently serving on the Butler University Alumni Board of Directors.
Barbara Landon - 1975 CETA - Self Employed Mansfield University, Mansfield, PA - Antioch New England Graduate School Barbara went directly into the workforce in CETA programs for several years, in Virginia and California. She then married and started a business and a family. In 1995 she went back to school and received her Master's in Community/Clinical Psychology. In '98 she enrolled in a doctoral program and graduated in 2003. She is now a licensed psychologist in Maine, with specialties in trauma and neuropsychology. She teaches neuropsych and does research at the National Center for PTSD in White River Junction VT.
Jean Valentine Corcoran-Wenzler - 1976 State of Indiana MD from Georgetown. MPH Medical College of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Upon graduation Jean went on to receive her MD degree from Georgetown. She completed her internal medicine training at IU and her MPH from Medical College of Wisconsin. She then returned to Indy in 1988 and is currently a medical consultant for the state.
Mary Jo Moldraski-Bookwalter - 1977 Indiana Dept. of Welfare - School teacher Butler and Indiana State University After graduation Mary Jo worked as a caseworker and quality control reviewer for five years and resigned after her first child was born. She later returned to Butler and earned a degree in elementary education. She has been teaching for the last 13 years. She received her MA in May 2006.
Jeanne Gardner - 1978 Federal Aviation Administration University of Colorado Jeanne has been an Air Traffic Control Specialist since 1982. She completed her MA in Business Administration in 1993. She is a member of the board of directors for Bangladesh Christian Mission.
Kathy Martin-Harrison - 1979 Co-Owner of Ed Martin Automotive Group   Kathy went directly into the work force and became a director of Jordan YMCA in Indy. She then went on to become an Interior Designer and owned her own operation called K.A.H. Designs. Since the passing of her father, Ed Martin, Kathy and her sister are now co-owners of the dealership. She has stayed very busy over the years serving on several boards and volunteering.
Nora Shybunko-Holland - 1982 Mothering Services Butler Univ. in Marriage & Family Therapy. Currently pursuing a degree in Nursing Nora is currently a midwife, childbirth educator, lactation counselor and Community Health Educator.
Angela Ohmer-Dunaway - 1986 Wright Patterson Airforce Base University of Dayton Law School Angela went straight to law school. She became a contract attorney with Wright Patterson. She stays home now with her 4 sons.
Mindy McIntire-Todd - 1986 Accounting Firm in South Bend   About a year after graduation Mindy started working for the State of Indiana where she created the state's first multi-jurisdictional drug task force, then anti-drunk driving campaigns, domestic violence programs, public awareness of the value in volunteering and then finally the Dept. of Commerce. She now works part-time as a business development director for an accounting firm while spending time with her two young children.
Richard Tewksbury - 1986 University of Louisville Ohio State University (MA & Ph.D.) Richard was a double major in sociology and psychology. After graduation he went to graduate school in the Dept. of Sociology at The Ohio State University, where he received his MA in 1988 and PhD in 1991. He is currently Professor of Justice Administration at the University of Louisville.
Pamela Peach-Butterfield - 1987 Partner's 2000   Pam went straight to work for a federal program that helps underprivileged teens gain and keep summer jobs in Indianapolis. She is currently a full-time mother of 3 now.
Carol Brainard-Jones - 1987 NRECA, Washington D.C.   Carol worked in Ann Arbor, MI for 2.5 years in a personnel agency before she and her husband moved to Maryland. She then worked for NRECA, in Washington, D.C. where she was a Compensation & Benefits Analyst for 5.5 years. Her family relocated to Virginia and she decided to stay home with her children.
Kathryn Ambler-Sebo - 1988 Private practice University of Illinois in Chicago - Jane Addams School of Social Work After graduation Kathy went straight to graduate school at University of Illinois at Chicago, Jane Addams School of Social Work. She completed her Masters in Social Work in two years. Since that time, she has been doing counseling. Currently she has a private practice in Zionsville and is also working at Carmel St. Vincent and at TLC, a home health agency.