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Career Services (Internship & Career Services)

Center for Academic Technology (CAT)

Center for Citizenship and Community

Center for Faith and Vocation

Center for Global Education

Center for High Achievement & Scholarly Engagement (CHASE)

Center for Urban Ecology at Butler

Chemistry - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Children's Programming (Butler Community Arts School)

China Studies - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Chinese - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Classical Studies Program - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Clowes Memorial Hall

College of Business

College of Communication

College of Education

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Commitment to Service

Communication Disorders - (College of Communication)

Communication Studies - (College of Communication)

(Butler) Community Arts School

Community, Butler in the

Community Health

Community of Care


Composition - (Jordan College of the Arts)

Computer Engineering - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Computer Help Desk

Computer Science - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Computing Help

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(The) Connection

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Creative Media & Entertainment Studies - (College of Communication)

Creative Writing - Master of Arts Program - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Criminal Justice - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Crowd Hinkle - Preservation Through Collaboration

(Butler) Cultural Requirement (BCR)

School Counseling - (College of Education)

(Howard L.) Schrott Center for the Arts

Science, Technology and Society - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Sciences - (College of Education)

  • Life Sciences
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Science Library

Screen Studies - (College of Communication)

Secondary Education - (College of Education)


SENCER - Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities

Senior Challenge

Shortridge Partnership

Social Studies - (College of Education)

Social Work and Social Policy - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Sociology - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

  • Criminology
  • Criminology and Psychology
  • Sociology and Criminology
  • Social Work
  • Social Work and Psychology

Sociolog & Criminal Justice - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Software Engineering - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Spanish - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Spanish & Business Studies - (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Special Education - (College of Education)

Speech and Debate Team (College of Communication)

Speech and Language Pathology - (College of Communication)

Sports Media - (College of Communication)

Staff Assembly

Strategic Communication: PR & Advertising - (College of Communication)

Strategic Plan 2009-2014

Streetscape Project

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