Senior Challenge 2009

Where To Give

Butler Fund

  • If you aren't sure where to designate your gift, the Butler Fund is a great place to start. Your gift to the Butler Fund will be applied to the areas of greatest need on campus.

Bulldog Club

  • Whether you're a student athlete or a fan, there is no doubting the impact our athletic teams have had on your Butler experience. Your gift to the Bulldog Club will help Butler student athletes win big on and off the field.

Student Affairs Fund

  • Greek life. Student groups. Recreation. Service and volunteerism. Diversity Programs. These are just a few of the areas supported by Student Affairs. Your gift to the Student Affairs Fund will ensure that future students continue to get an exceptional Butler experience outside the classroom.

Annual Scholarship Fund

  • Many students (maybe even yourself?) wouldn't be able to attend Butler without scholarship support. Your gift to the Annual Scholarship Fund will help future students receive the financial aid they need.

Your Academic College

  • Butler's foremost purpose is to provide a first class learning experience for all students within the six colleges. Your gift to your academic college will support the professors and academic opportunities that shaped your Butler education.