Senior Challenge 2009

Past Gifts


1990    Fountain in front of the Carillon

1991    University seal at Lake Road entrance

1992    Campus map in front of Robertson Hall

1993    Englenook in Atherton Union

1994    Clock in Reilly Room

1995    Gazebo by Robertson Hall (north side of building)

1996    Bulldog statue in front of Atherton Union

1997    Bronze "BU" letters in the mall

1998    New gates for Holcomb Gardens

1999    Butler seal in floor of bookstore

2000    Clock on sidewalk by Atherton Union

2001    Stone campus events sign near Atherton

2002    Campus map in Norris Plaza

2003    Brick promenade/limestone book sculpture and The Class of 2003 Endowed Scholarship

2004    Memory walk in front of Irwin Library along the mall featuring important facts from Butler's history.

2005    Brick plaza and landscaping around flag poles at 46th and Sunset

2006    Bulldog Seal on the floor of the entrance to the HRC

2007    Four-sided Presidential Clock located at the corner of Lake Road and Sunset Avenue

2008    Vinyl gazebo on the lawn off the Starbuck's patio

2009    Bust of Tony Hinkle outside of Hinkle Fieldhouse

2010    Sand volleyball court behind the Health & Recreation Center *

2011    "Welcome to Butler" sign located on the northwest corner of Sunset Avenue and 46th Street *

2012     Restoration of Persephone Pond *

*Currently fundraising for the gift and/or waiting to install the gift on campus.