Science, Technology & Society

Faculty and Staff

Carmen Salsbury ~ Progam Director, Science, Technology & Society, Professor of Biology

STS Steering Committee

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Krista Cline ~ Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology

STS course: SW200SO: Understanding Society: Health and Illness, A Sociological Perspective

Areas of Research Interest: Health and aging, women's mental health, body weight, the self

Elise Edwards ~ Associate Professor of Anthropology
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Stuart Glennan ~ Professor of Philosophy

STS Steering Committee

STS courses: philosophy of science, philosophy of biology, introduction to science & technology studies

Areas of research interest: causality and mechanisms, scientific explanation, modeling, philosophy of biology
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Laurence Kennedy ~ Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

STS course: PX325, Ethical Issues in Health Care

Areas of research interest: changes in ethics/morals of students over time, changes in requirements stated in advertisements for pharmacy employment, overuse of medication in the nursing home setting, satisfaction with clinical services in the pharmacy setting

James F. McGrath ~ Professor of Religion

STS course: Religion and Science; Religion and Science Fiction

Areas of research interest: The intersection of religion and science, including but not limited to creationism and evolution
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Katherine B. Novak ~ Professor of Sociology

STS Steering Committee

STS courses: Mental Illness, Culture and Society; Social Science Research Methods

Areas of research interest: Youth and Adolescent Substance Use, Mental Health and Illness, Quantitative Research Methods

Tiberiu Popa ~ Associate Professor of Philosophy

Carol Reeves ~ Professor of English

STS Steering Committee

STS courses: The Rhetoric and Language of Science, Introduction to Science and Technology Studies, Literature, Farming and Food, Speculating the Future, Literature and Medicine, Science Writing
Areas of research interest: Rhetoric & Science, Growth of Consensus, Metaphor & Theory, Public Science, Scientific Controversies, Scientific Dissent, Communicating Science

Travis Ryan ~ Professor of Biological Science

STS Steering Committee

Priscilla Ryder ~ Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice

STS Steering Committee

STS courses: Health Disparities, Exploring Public Health, Intro to Epidemiology

Areas of research interest: Health Disparities, Health and Aging, Health effects of marginalization, Service utilization and quality of life in underserved populations, Health in grandparent-headed families

Robin Turner ~ Assistant Professor of Political Science

STS course: Environmental Justice
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Jesse Van Gerven ~ Instructor of Science, Technology, and Society

STS Steering Committee
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Holly Zimbelman ~ Administrative Specialist